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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Spinnaker, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. I currently have 4 Mid under my command who are undergoing degrees at civvilian universities prior to starting Dartmouth when they graduate.

    During the summer recess they are required to get themselves away on attachments to Naval units or undergo adventure training.

    Some of my Chaps are keen as mustard to get themselves away at sea with one of our surface fleet ships, however I am told that this is easier said than done.

    I have exercised a bit of expectation management with these fellows and informed them it may not be likely (op commitments etc etc).

    However, if anybody can help out or point me in the right direction to getting these chaps away that would be most helpful.

    Having spent a week myself as a 'searider' on an Aussie Frigate, I know they will benifit greatly from this.

    Once again any help would be much appreciated and prob make these lads summer.
  2. Problem may be that they are not actually "in date" for being at sea (BSSC/ISSC/etc). The best bet would be to contact MCM to see if they can be attached to a small boat as an accepted risk, or to see if you can get them on course at Whale Island first. I assume you are an URNU unit - try and go through DNRES as well, they may have some options. It's hard enough to get baby Tiffs to sea for sea experience these days, you might end up pissing in the wind.

    Adventure Training - contact the Course Office at Temeraire, they nearly always have vacancies on AT courses because of drop-outs, although they may be short notice. Failing that, go direct to an AT centre and see what they have coming through, and what your guys may be attached to.
  3. Not an URNU
  4. The 1 day Embarked Forces course at Excellent may bu sufficient for your needs.
  5. Best thing I can recommend is point them towards an RNR unit or - if none available - an URNU.

    Contact details for RNR Divisions are on the new RN website - good luck!
  6. I spent a week on a Type 42 when I was in the URNU - my CO just emailed the captain, whom he knew. Didn't have to do BSSC or anything... another time I got a friend who was a CFT YO to ask if I could come on board for a week.

    You never know what they can offer unless you ask, though obviously it is difficult if you don't know anyone you can ask.
  7. failing that get hold of the CACTO in Pompy - they arrange all sea time for sea cadets.

  8. I`m a middy studying at a civi uni, in my third year now and still haven`t had any sea time despite my unit`s best efforts. Had Two summer attachments, one in Faslane and one in Devenport, got tours of ships and subs but no actual floating about. Still well worth it, met lots of people and have a bit more of a clue what i`ve signed up to.

    Good Luck.
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    BSSC & ISSC can be waived for short visits (POCs etc) but space is at a premium in most ships. If the guys concerned have genuine Naval connections then try BRNC. The College has a full programme of activities of a Naval nature (including exchange visits etc) during Easter and Summer leave periods and, as I know from personal experience, the requirement always outstrips the bodies available.

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