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1000 kcal per day is way below any recommendation I have ever read (not my area, but I thought most recommendations were at least 1500-2000 kcal/day for male weight loss, less for females). You don't want to end up skinny, you want to lose weight yet still be able to open a tin of beans without assistance.

CoI: Not fat or unfit ;)


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It's all progressive mate, up the calories but just with all good foods!

You need the fuel to train, GDA is 2000 calories!
To maintain a good level of strength and fitness you Will need the energy to power you!

I went from unfit to very fit in a matter of months when I was training to join the marines.


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thank you for all the advice :)

Iv upped the calories slightly and haven't lost or gained any weight but i am running further and at the same pace or a bit faster. I did 6.5 miles in and 1 hour and 10 minuets at 5.6 mph what I think is quite good. Got stiff legs now !!!

Going to do my mile and a half tomorrow as today is circuit work today and hope its faster.


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Thanks for the reply's. I'm 5 ft 9 inches and 87.9 kg and not that far, I have the first presentation on the 8th of January.


I think that you need to be aiming for a weight no greater than 76 kg (approx).

It might help you to know that your medical won't happen in January. The first major part of an application is the RT, which is a multiple choice test. Once you have taken that and obtained the score you need, there will be quite a long gap before your medical, certainly a few months and maybe longer, so slowly but surely should be your watchword when trying to lose weight. There is no need to be cutting back so drastically on food at the moment and if you continue over Christmas, you are going to have a miserable time of it. What is more, if you aren't eating enough, you will find that you don't perform as well as you might have wanted to when you are doing your written test and that would be a shame.

Tell us what you eat on a typical day, so that we can see what you are eating and advise.

PS AngryDoc is a real Doctor and gives excellent advice based on years of experience and training, so heed what he has to say.

A helpful link for you about your application:


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Can any one tell me what is the best diet etc any use full links because I'm really struggling on which food is good for me I no it might be simple but just want to make sure and as soeil said.

This is my typical day.

Get up at One

Have a sandwich usually from Tesco chicken salad or I don't eat any thing for lunch just a bit of a fizzy
drink so i have some energy for the run.

Go for a run.

chicken and rice or a health options microwave meal at about 6.

Do sit ups press ups before work.

Go to work at 9 till 2

Ferric around in the fridge to find some thing small to eat.

Thanks for the help soiel.


I'd suggest:
- get up earlier (noone needs 10 hours sleep every night)
- eat a decent breakfast (museli, yoghurt, etc)
- eat a decent lunch (carbs and protein with water - not cola)
- eat a decent dinner (not a microwave meal where all the goodness is gone)

You're not eating properly at the mo, and what you are consuming is crap. It's not rocket science - when you wrote down what you ate did you think it sounded healthy?



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I no its not rocket science, and no its not health gonna go and do food shopping. Iv heard a lot of people say eat little but often does that work. Will making a food plan for the week be good for me.


Also just saw. 600-1000 calories a day?!?

That's unhealthy low!

I consume around 2500 and stay at a steady 78kg.

Listen to OMM - this is good advice.

I know others have said they're "fighting fit" with low calorie intake, but I seriously doubt whether that will sustain you during training.

Low-calories cannot possibly give you the stamina or endurance that will be required, IMO.