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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by cobs2012, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    These maybe stupid questions but just want to ask, do you have to do a army style pre-joining fitness test where you get measured on press ups sit ups and 1.5 mile run. I no you have to do the 1.5 mile run in under 11 minuets. I have looked at the navy website but cant get on the fitness tool only the royal marines one.

    I haven't done any thing yet because i need to loose a stone in weight first. I'm currently 13 stone 10 pounds. and try to stick to a good routine.

    This is it:

    I do 21 miles cycle once a week to work and back and do this in 80 minuets.

    I run 1.5 miles 3 times a week and do this in between 12 and 13 minuets.

    I do 20 wide arm press ups 3 times a week and 20 sit ups when I do this.

    Is there any improvements on this because I'm struggling to loose the weight I have lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks and its slowing down first week I lost 6 pounds and 3 last week. i eat between 600 and 1000 calories a day.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Weight loss always slows down, however I would have a look at the way you are counting the calories. Many underestimate their daily intake and conveniently forget to total EVERYTHING up:razz:
  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Weight loss.
    Calorie deficit, more calories leaving the body then there are going in.

    When I first started training I ran 1.5 in 10:45 but now I do it in 8:50.

    If you want to lose weight it's simple, eat less and move more!

    Also I don't recommend running a lot of miles a week if your new as you may well get shin splints! Work your mileage up, it's only 1.5 miles!!!!

    In regards to the push ups/ sit ups you should create a circuit that's challenging and high intensity as this will also aid weightloss.
  4. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Also just saw. 600-1000 calories a day?!?

    That's unhealthy low!

    I consume around 2500 and stay at a steady 78kg.
  5. What this guy said pretty much.

    you want to be running more and more each week but don't push it to fast, i'av been training for about a year and a half now and only add on an extra 1.5 miles a week (1 mile to my long distance run .25 mile added to my two speed work outs)

    If you find you are picking up injuries it means you are adding to much to soon.

    also either get rid of the cycling and add in a couple of swimming sessions or cut back on cycling and add in a swim.
  6. Thanks for the info so what is the pre joining test ??
  7. It's just 2.4 km run under the time for age and gender. Unless they bring in the new strength test which coincides with the RNFT which comes in January 2013 in the fleet

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  8. Disagree, have been below 1000 cals for years and experience no problems, full body MOT last year and fighting fit.
  9. I tried cutting down with 1500 a day and by the end of every week i was fecked and unable to work out to full intensity.... everyone's different though.
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  10. Chris

    Your calorie consumption is far too low. You should be eating a decent diet, not cutting back that severely.

    How tall are you and how much progress have you made with your application so far?
  11. Hi

    Thanks for the reply's. I'm 5 ft 9 inches and 87.9 kg and not that far, I have the first presentation on the 8th of January.
  12. Hi Chris,

    like mentioned before 1000 cals is too low. Aim for at least 1500, personally I'd eat more.

    The slow down in weight loss is natural, your first few weeks you will always loose weight much more dramatically. If you're losing more than 2lbs a week you're losing muscle mass as well as fat. To be honest that might be ok to get you through your medical as BMI just considers weight not body fat percentage... If that's the only reason your looking to lose weight?

    The PJFT is just a 1.5 mile run in under 11.13(depending on your age) at a Fitness First Gym. Strength tests are done at PRNC I believe? I'm not sure because I've not even had my medical yet, but the AFCO gave me a fit to join booklet which I got when I went for a presentation before we got our application for the RT.

    If you want to lose weight and get stronger you need to join a gym in my opinion. People here will probably tell you different and maybe they're right as I'm not in the forces but your PJFT is on a treadmill so I'm doing as much running on a treadmill as I can. My 1.5 mile run I was around 13-14 mins as I'd not done any exercise for a while as I had a full dislocation of my elbow (Which is a much more horrific injury then it sounds!).

    I got my 1.5 down to sub 11 mins on a treadmill after about 5 weeks of doing it 3 times a week. The Treadmills will usually be in Kilometers so you need to be doing it in about 12.5kph. So just start on 11 for a min then keep ramping it up which is what I did. I find if you start on 11 and each min go up about 0.5 till you get to 14 it'll be easier then just starting on 12.5. It might not work for you but why not have a go?

    Someone mentioned circuit training, do that! It will be more beneficial than just strength training on it's own. If you do weights twice a week and run 4 times a week you should notice the weight drop off try and do a timed run 3 times and a longer run on the street circa 30-60 mins depending on fitness. You're 1.5mile time should come down and so should your weight.

    If you do that and eat well you should be fine, if you do that and eat 1000 calories a day though, you'll probably black out a lot and probably die, so for gods sake get some meat down you!
  13. How much alcohol do you drink ?

    If you're on such low calorific intake, as others have said, it's dangerous and your body will store what it can hence the slowing of weight loss.

    If you really wanna lose weight, eat 6 times a day but small amounts - this keeps the metabolism ticking over and the weight falls off.(Eating the right kind of food of course). It's a bit of a drag as you feel you are constantly eating, but worked for a bloke I knew who had to get into a wedding Best Man tux in 6 weeks !

    To be honest, if you're using food for fuel, your body will regulate itself- is the weight you've got as an aim actually correct for your height ?

    What is your BMI ? That's much more important a consideration for long-term health.
  14. When I lost all my weight to rejoin I was also training for the London Marathon at the same time.

    I cut my calorie intake to 1200 a day, i was running uber amounts a week.

    I ate 3 times a day I still ate proper meals but changed the way I cooked them or the ingredients I used.

    Eat clean and train hard.

    Just make sure you get the right nutrients in your body. 1000 calories is fine as long as you do it correctly.

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  15. Sol, Firemonkey posted everyones metabolism is different, I eat fresh fruit and veg, porridge, dried fruit and nuts with a couple of treats at the w/end not because I wanna keep fit although that is a bonus but that it is dirt cheap, as I said I had a full body MOT last year including blood tests and cardiovascular check on treadmill. Techy's commented that they hope to be as fit as me when they retire.
  16. Beat me to it Tommo.
  17. My bmi is 28.4 it says over waight but i dont look it got a lil bit of a belly
  18. When I'm in training mode as I am now for my next ultra. I eat properly, and that's where people get it wrong.

    When I was down to 1200 calories a day I lost 6 stone in about 4 months. The only people who criticised me were fat unfit people.

    I've learnt a lot about what to eat whilst I train for my running and weightloss. I don't use protein shakes or supplements.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Thanks for all the advice,

    realy good help and just been for a run and did 3.7 km/2.3 miles in 24 minuets I think that's okay.
  20. I think you should do a minuet in 3/4 actually.
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