Getting deselected from promotion and loss of earning

Sorry if there is a new thread about this. Im new to this forum and just want more information on this matter. I was injured while on my promotional course and it has taken me more than a year now to recover. I have had one surgery on my ankle and just been told im going to need another sugery. Also been told im going to the Med Board next year and possibly getting deselected and discharged. I have been compensated for the injury but not for loss of earnings. Just wondering if anyone out there has faced the same dilemma im facing now.

Thank you all in advance


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I'm no expert nor messdeck lawyer in this area, but in my experience the "loss of potential earnings" is something I've seen calculated and settled retrospectively, after discharge due to the amount of variable calculations involved.

A colleague of mine is regularly tasked to calculate the career potential of individuals who are prematurely discharged to assist the calculation in this particular area.

The method is quite complex, throwing-in issues such as age, branch, average branch career duration, recruit test scores and historical data observing average timescales for advancement and rates achieved based on IBDs, to help estimate, as best possible, a representative average.
Thank you for the information. I forgot to mention that i was injured while doing orgainised sports during my promitional course.On that particular sports period , there was only one instructor for nearly 30 personnel to supervise us. I don't know whether im scrapping the barrel here but i did fill in the accident form for that. Again many thanks for your reply.


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If you require another surgery then you have not fully recovered how can AFCS pay compensation for an injury for which they do not know the final outcome. For starters i would suggest asking them to reconsider whatever Tariff they awarded. AFCS advisors have a tendancy to not fully look into all the facts and possible outcomes and end up under compensating personnel for their injuries.
I did spoke to AFCS when i got the letter through that my claim has been approved i.e pending second sugery. What they told me is that i can apply for recosideration of what they have already pay out within a year i.e if my injury has got worse. I did felt a bit suspicious about this tactic even though i did warned them about the second sugery needed on my ankle.


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So they know the outcome of your 2nd surgery that you haven't had yet absolute joke. And what happens god forbid they find something that requires your foot to be amputated they haven't got a clue. I bet they paid out the lowest amount they could possibly link it too idiots.

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