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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gav_RFC1, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Awrite! I am currently applying for the royal navy and i am wondering how would I get contact lenses if I was at sea or at a base which was not near my opticians?
  2. 3Golf lense store whilst on board. They have plenty
  3. Cheers thats helpful to Know :!:
  4. Nah health and safety put a stop to that. lense stores need to be fresh, updated every week or so. That means a RAS or helo drop. Trouble is bomb scares. All the little foil packets have to be scanned and sometimes opened before getting on the flight. Takes forever.

    If i were you Gav, i'd have a quiet word with specsavers and see if they can slip you an extra box or two. Sneek it onboard and hope you can hide it come inspections.

    And then hide a pair of glasses just in case. Be prepared, or something....
  5. Cheers Grizwald Ill keep that in mind
  6. You can get a COSTCO membership and buy contact lenses in bulk - 6 months supply is usual for me. :wink:
  7. Mate, I get mine from specsavers for a tenner a month, they couldnt post them to a ship, had to be a UK address, howeverthey would give you enough for a 6 month deployment.
  8. cheers
  9. Or you could join the fcukin RAF
  10. yes ,having your rectum reamed is still a hazard in the navee. Unfortunately regulations prevent the issue of vaseline so bring your own or make friends withe cooks who will let you have some beef dripping for a small fee
  11. Dolland & Aitchison send to any BFPO #

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