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Discussion in 'RMR' started by carl, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. This is mainly to people in the know, rust, 1 man, kiwi, and of corse the old hands.

    I'm just wondering how easy or hard it is to get attached to the regs just for one exercise. Iv heard of reservests getting attached to 40 commando etc for the duration of one ex, e.g. 3 months in Norway or Belize.

    When you go in on your parade nights is there like a list of orders that you can just simply sign up for? Or are the lists populated with RMR exercises?

    Second part- how many RMR exercises can you go on (im speaking about the 2 week courses here), as I understand people who get 4 weeks off from their employers can obvioulsy sign up to more ex's, so what im asking is what is the choice like?

    Sorry if thats a bone question or it doesnt make sense, its just a few things id be willing to get into!

  2. Hi Carl, good to see you back aboard mate.
    Check your Daily Orders (weekly for you??) and notice boards for heads ups of Tours/Exes with Regular Units available.
    I know 45 used to get RMR bods from the Newcastle Det for Norway MAW training (They would come for part of the duration of the 3 month tour, do Ski course or such like and then come back for more the next year, highly motivated blerks.)
    Badger your Detachment Clerk for news (Not too often, he's the Sergeant Majors best oppo)
    As for courses, if your considered capable of passing, the course meets your Dets requirements and it's within budget (A big concern I would think.) fill your boots. :w00t:
  3. Cheers NZ. With regards to to the annual 2 week camp you have to attend (to get the bounty!), does this include the gucci courses to Norway etc (that you may not be with the rest of your unit, say I sign up for 2 weeks on my own with a different det for example) or does this 2 week annual camp mean spending 2 weeks on Sailsbury Plain with the rest of your det?


  4. Camp! CAMP! You'll be wearing the Globe and Laural on your bonce for fecks sake, this is not the Brownies or the TA. Now that IS camp, girlfriend.

    You need a fortnight everyyear for yer bounty IIRC, so yes, if you do Norway it will count.
  5. I suggest you speak to your PSI or Det Management and tell then when you are looking for and for how long and when you are available. In short the Reg Corps will probably bite your arm off, though don't be surprised if you are "steered", ie directed in the way of a career/trade cse.

    In short you can go on as many cses/deployments as you want. Provided you are adding value then budget will not be an issue. PM if you need more info.

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