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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Collinsjr17, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Hi, looked all through the topics and used the search and can't find my answer so here goes. I've applied to join as a rating but how hard is it to get a commission within the warfare branch if I'm already serving because at this moment in time I do not have the UCAS points to get me a commission to start with?

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For Ratings with Officer aspirations, individuals need to demonstrate good leadership potential through a series of positive reports, as well as meeting the minimum academic criteria for Upper Yardsman (UY). (5 GCSE's A*-C including maths & English).

    For most (not all) the first realistic opportunity to be put forward for AIB is at Leading Rate - depending on branch, this is about 4 years after joining, minimum.

    Approximately 40% of serving Officers in Warfare & Logs branches joined as ratings, or so I'm told.
  3. So I've got my Maths, English Lang and Lit at a Pass, BTECs in Science, I.C.T and Public Services at Merits and then I have a Level 3 90 credit diploma at a Merit that'll put me in good stead to go for a commission, I just have to prove myself to my CO that I'm worthy and have leadership potential?

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  4. Put in 100% in phase one and two and make sure in each Division Officer interview you make ear your aspirations. Don't however go on about it like it's the only thing that matters to you. We had one guy in my class at Raleigh that wouldn't shut up about how be wanted to be an officer - every opportunity he gets to tell people about it he does. It's not working for him.

    I however kept my head down and got on with it. Show leadership because you are a good leader rather than because you feel you have to show people you are.

    Anyway, I joined early last year as a rating (Writer(SM)) and am off to BRNC to begin officer training very soon. So it is achievable! Ninja Stoker's point of it being more realistic once you get to Leading Hand is correct though. So your aim through the early stages of training should be to get that promotion in a timely fashion rather than looking too for ahead and aiming straight for a commission.

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  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, much help

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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only accepted GCSE equivalents are SCE's, Baccalaureate & iGCSE's.
  7. So they don't accept OCR quals in I.C.T

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  8. Just seems pointless to me how say you fail your GCSEs and learning providers or colleges offer a 'fast track' GCSE equivalent and yet not saw one place that takes the ones people have
  9. I assume you failed GCSE English?
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  10. Surprisingly enough I passed and I don't class this forum as somewhere to actually think twice about what I write. For what its worth, B in english. A* in maths. But whatever with the sarky comments

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  11. GCSE Maths B, English Lang D (resitting at college to hopefully to get a C), English Literature C, History D, Geography D, French D, OCR I.C.T to a Merit with the equiverlant of 3 GCSEs, BTEC Science to a Merit with the equiverlant of 2 GCSEs and a BTEC in Public Services to a Merit with the equiverlant of 4 GCSEs provided by the ACF, all of that was sat last year at secondary school whilst in a rough patch when I originally wanted to work for the direct route and now I am studying a Level 3 Public Services at college. So yeh I did fail some GCSEs but not because I was a idiot at school, because of other things in life that takes priority and the fact I may not have the educational requirement to go into the direct entry but doing time as a rating and hoping for the UY Scheme shows that I'm committed and willing to work my arse off to get it

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  12. Bit off topic, I have the long term aspirations of being a WE officer after I have learned the trade as a rating(just personal preference). I do have a first degree in computer science but don't have the required English qualification. Got a good batch of other qualifications, including maths, physics at Scottish Higher level. Do you think if I am good enough at the job not having above Standard Grade credit English will hold me back? I have always wanted to get it squared away with a OU GCSE or equivalent.
  13. AUN

    Did you pass your Standard Grade in English?
  14. Yeah got a 1, just didn't manage higher. I Would be able to do it now, which I am planning on getting done as it bugs me not passing it.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm afraid not.
  16. Ninja can you shed some light on what equivalents they recognise, if any

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  17. I did but the AFCO said my Bachelors Degree in Computer science didn't give me the relevant engineering experience. I did look at the time I initially applied and I didn't see computer science mentioned only proper engineering degrees, might be have changed?
  18. What do you have as a degree? (Subject, class)
  19. Computer science as a first degree ie pass. No actual engineering in the clanky sense involve all computer software, hardware and maths. That's why I agreed and switched to WE as a rating.

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