Get Well Soon Rosie!

Here's a slot for you all to post messages to cheer Rosiecarley up who is currently, by her own admission, on sick leave, and quietly going round the bend!

Get well mate! :thumright: A box of virtual Jaffa cakes are on their way.

shipsnthat said:
That is hardcore porn to fatties such as myself...

Now now, Rosie promises me that you can eat dozens of Jaffas without piling on the calories. It must be true because Nutty and me have got through boxes of the things and are still both VERY skinny. ;)
Maybe this will help. Gaze into his eyes when the PO Stoker gives you your daily bed bath. :) not the PO Stoker's eyes! :roll:



War Hero
rosinacarley said:
ooo thank you all for your best wishes and George Clooney!

Here is a picture of the bits that were taken out of my leg :(

looks like their is a screw missing? your not going to rattle :thumright: :thumright: from now on? :w00t: