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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by johne, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Any one up for a Blackwood type frigate reunion ie..Dundas ..Hardy...Exmouth...Keppel...ect... :salut:
  2. As someone who started on the Blackwood and finished on the Exmouth I would love to attend. Just one small hitch, can you make it somewhere local ?

    Seriously, if this goes ahead I'll drop you a line giving dates and a few names etc. Who knows, someone might remember me !
  3. Looks like just you and me johne :salut: .

    Blackwood '64, Exmouth '71-'73. Comms branch. How about you.

    Name the date and time and I'll raise a glass to you and absent friendsl

  4. EXMOUTH 65-Refit, Fish Squadron and enjoyed it - all them fishing ports in the Scottish Islands - loved it !!
  5. Hardy 74- 75. Refit .Then boiler blew up. Next Keppel 75-76. Became unseaworthy. Back comes Hardy from Chatham. All change. 76-77. I was an a/b u/c (sonar). :thumright: ..... dink
  6. Picked up the Blackwood in Chatham, quick shake-down at Portland and then Clyde-running with the boats week-days and 'Derry at the weekends. Bunks for the leading hands, hammocks for the rest of us. Great runs ashore in Bute, Rothesay, Campbelltown, Greenock etc. But 'Derry was the best. You had to wear the rig to go ashore but then they provided changing rooms on the jetty (with a duty watch sentry) so you could walk out the gate in civvies. Fav local was the Oregon Bar, just a few steps from Aggie Weston's. I remember they had a lifesize cardboard cutout of a bird in a gold lamé dress and a tray of lagers (Tennants I think). Anyway, when we left for the last time she was decorating the funnel, slightly obscuring the red hand of Ulster !
  7. Exmouth portland squadron 76-77 then we scrapped her would be interesting to meet up in the kepples head like we used to do on fridays when we all returned from our week in portland
  8. Dundas 57/58 Portland.

    Dover, Wight, Portland. South westerly, gale force seven, rain, less than one mile.

    Murray 63/64 Portland.

    Dover, Wight, Portland. South westerly, gale force seven, rain, less than one mile.

    Would anyone mind if I gave this re-union a miss.

  9. Hardy 59/60. Day running from Portland , as an R.A. hoping that the Navvie would take us through the Portland Races, so we could snaffle the victualled members scran and maybe some bubbly!! Then on the way home, stopping off in the green shutters for a pint or three of their shilling bitter.
    An introduction to the real Navy, as I was a young wafu greenie on loan to general service.
  10. Russell '66 -'67. Like living inside a washing machine. Wore an oilskin coat on watch in roughers and wiped the salt from the boiler panel
    Lost the mast in the Irish Sea during a company with Hermes....she was said to have lost a boat.

    Good luck with a reunion
  11. i remember loosing my scran again trying to make it back in a force 8
  12. Wasn't Hardy a HTS in 78?
    If so would my week onboard qualify me for the shin-dig? :rendeer:


    Have a good one guys.
  13. Hmm, same time as my hub, he was on Mar 63 to Mar 64 - JS1 RP*
  14. So do we bring our hammocks and Mess tins then
  15. Hi all

    Exmouth 70 - 71 lived with the greenies and S&S in 2 mess.
  16. I was on hardy and keppel on those dates johne , got my ab uc on the keppel , remember whiskey walker , or riggers , ginge o , aj , stanger , kempy etc . do you remember the yorky , eddie wareing , up and under :D ! .
  17. HMS Duncan, CFPS 1961-1962, winter up and down the Norwegian ports rest of the time around Iceland. 8)
  18. ..........The nicest thing about F2 in '63 was being on a Type 15 ('UNWANTED') instead of a Type 14. :wink:

  19. 6 mess AJ and abjab both gunners and going Gib guard ship. Not forgetting that shite run to Malta. Loads more but i'll have to recover some brain cells. :eek:mg:

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