Get something free!



Ladies, gentlemen and submariners;
Want to get free books? Want to earn a fortune writing about them and becoming famous and popular?

We can help with the free books. The rest we lie about. The book club urgently needs more reviewers. We are getting more books all the time and the usual suspects are being overwhelmed. In fact, one of our regulars, a Guards officer, has two books and has broken his colouring pens, so he is stuck.The Senior Service has always come through in the darkest times of this great country of ours; the Armada, the Battle of the Nile, the Atlantic convoys and down the Gut in Valetta. So, step right up, pm your details to either myself or Andy ( Ageing_gracefully) and we will give you details of how you can help, what to do and the great rates of pay available.

Ok, that last bit was a fib. But you do get to keep the books.

Thank you, and please come alongside.

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