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Get rid of weight FAST


Hi all, I currently studying at sixth form which is shit, spend all my time do ****ing writing for ****ing nothing. And so I am applying for the medical branch of the navy. Unfortunately I am 17stone and in okay shape for someone 17 stone. So i need to shed weight fast and build up my fitness fast, any trick? Or just stop typing this post and get running and stop eating shit?
Hi marshall,
Firstly as obviously you excercise is a staple to loosing weight but diet it quite often missed out. You should begin tracking your calorie intake by measuring your foods, i can recomend you to an app called myfitnesspal
myfitnesspal, try keep a good balancedd diet with protein levels remaining high and trying to work your carboydrate intake to around your workout ex. Pre and post workout mabye begin your calorie intake with 2500 and check youe weight and bodyfat weekly and adjust the calorie intake in accordance to your weightloss/weightgain
When it comes to excercise i would recomend sticking with short high intensity workouts
workout. Mabye get in touch with your local crossfit gym as they incorporate high intensity wods along with stregnth work. If not mabye just contact your local gym. Always remember any excercise is better than no excercise


Marshal, if you have to ask a question like that, maybe the RN is not the career for you??

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How do you keep motivated? If you wana keep motivated thats up to wether or not you want it enough, if you really want to be in the navy trust me youll be motivated

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With respect I think you should seek medical advice, and put going into the 'medical branch' on hold. They will tell you the safest way to lose weight

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Badly worded really, starting this new diet and fitness plan seems rather daunting and the first few days might be difficult.
Everyone has to start somewere, find an excercise you enjoy, as mentioned above i was doing a boring push,pull,legs split until i met crossfit and fell in love with it

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I went to my doctor who served in the Royal Navy and spoke about weather or not it would be safe for me too undergo training, however his info on how to lose weight was limited and said the same as the Aran website. And so I went looking for the people who have been through it all.
When you say your in ok shape for a 17 stone person, what bodyfat are you and have you any previous excercise history?

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I played rugby(prop) for a number of years before my GCSE exams and then stopped for reasons non-other than got taken in by study and put on 1 stone, as for my body fat I have no idea but my bimbo is obese even though i do not look it( I hope). But I am dedicated to this.


And so I have a very difficult task ahead of myself but that is part of life preparing for and serving in the RN I would imagine and hope, **** the easy life.
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