Get rid of the pound and join the euro

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nails, May 19, 2009.

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  1. I go on holidays about 8 times ayear with my mrs. And every tiome it f'ucks me off having to change the shitty weak pound into decent euros. If we would just join the euro we'd be like everyone else and wouldn't have to mess about changing our money.

    I go on a two week holiday to the maldives with my girlfriend next week and we are stopping in a 5 star all inclusive hotel. I've goy to change about 4 grands worth of pound into euros for the spending money and it's a fucking ball ache. The scum bag travel agents rip you off and the pound is now so weak it's like 1 quid for 1 euro. Laughable. So why are we holding onto the pound still? What's the point? Why don't we join the euro so we are all using thye same money? This country is stuck in too many silly traditional ways.
  2. They don't use Euros in Maldives; take US Dollars. Otherwise I give about 7/10 for the troll.
  3. Its true that currently the pound is weak against the euro, but this has only occured during the past 6 months, who knows, maybe things will get better for the pound in the coming months.
    In some of the European Union countries there are allegedly moves to go back to their original currencies!!
  4. I smell bullsh1t 8O
  5. I think that to take £4,000 as spending money for two people for a two-week holiday is ridiculous.

    If you have that much money washing about, give some of it to Holidays for Heroes.
  6. Depsite Nails rubbish, I don't want the pound to change to Euro's

    Currently with the state of play it works better for me and my clients lol.
  7. Really? I didn't realise the pound was more valuable than the euro in the rent boy industry.
  8. Shows how little you know Nails. However I give you credit for for thinking rent boy industry up all by yourself.
  9. Man, I like you, but I drive that bus down to Southend, and 8 excursions to the seaside is not really a holiday mate. Its not Euros you need in the arcades, its 2p dollar's.
    Other than that where do you get your idea's? .....they do say Genius is a "Kin" to madness.........keep it up though as its better entertainment than the muppet show. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Why the f'uck is this in the gash barge? I didn't post it here. Move it back to where I posted it otherwise I'll be most unhappy.
  11. And :?:
  12. You won't like him when he's angry. 8O :D
  13. Don't forget to take a bible with you
  14. They wont change to Euro, it will take ages to get the currency sorted out, and the way things are at the moment, there is no point
  15. Despite Nails clearly fishing, he does argue a point that many people make, that it saves them having to money change when they go on their annual one week holday/piss-up in the sun. Shame it's probably the shallowest reason to have for changing to the Euro. Part of the appeal when going abroad, for me, is the different currency, the different food & drinks etc.
  16. In some cases it would prove less hassle for companies than deal with clients that use Euro's. However, charging in GBP, is better for me than charging in Euro's at the moment in most cases.
  17. The UK has around 80 percent of its GNP needing to be paid off as debt, not a good situation, not good at all, in fact very very very bad. Plus, it now finds itself with a lone currency surrounded by its' closest trading partners which have a joint, more powerful, currency.
    This is not a good state for a state to be in, a run on the UK currency could be disasterous and a knocking on the door of the IMF a distinct possibility.
    Hindsight is fine but had the UK joined the Euro at its' outset then the other, more financially responsible, members of the organisation may have reigned the UK in a tad.
    Frankly the UK as a whole, citizens, government, have been reckless and you don't get out of that easily.
    No country, anywhere in the world, is getting off with this lightly but I will give you a small example:
    In Spain (hard hit at the moment along with everyone else) should you apply for a credit card, you will get one, and even if you are in a well paid job it is unlikely to have more credit that say, 3000 Euros. A friend who owns a hotel is always amazed to see UK citizens open wallets stuffed with plastic. 'How can they possibly pay for all that' is his comment.....the answer is they can't and creditors always come knocking and the cure ain't easy.
  18. I don't see it being a problem for most companies that trade internationally, after all there are many more currencies than the Euro & Pound Sterling. Take for instance US$, HK$, AU$, NZ$, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees, etc. International markets deal with all these major currencies and the thousands of more minor ones. Retaining Sterling is not a major issue when seen like this.

    The answer to that is don't spend beyond your means. Simple advice but such a shame most people don't follow it.
  19. Not only that mate but when I go Ibiza I don't know if i'm being ripped off by the black drug dealers. Over here I know not to pay more than 40 quid for a gram of cocaine or if i'm buying pills to expect to get atleast 4 for a tenner. But over there I don't know what goes down if you get me. If the drug dealers over here started using euros too i'd be able to haggle with the ones over there a better and know if i'm being ripped off.

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