Get rid of the Armed Forces?!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ghost, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. What an incredibly silly man.

    No flash up from me though, he's just daft and can't be taken seriously.
  2. We are safer than at any time since the Norman conquest. Yet £45bn is spent defending Britain against fantasy enemies

    Really :roll:

    The Spanish Armada 1588.
    World War I 1914
    World War II 1939

    To mention a few minor safety problems since 1066.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    History is not a strong point of mine Merlin, but, I think the events you quote happened after the Norman invasion :wink:
  4. I know that's what I have written that was my point. 8O
  5. I think it's English comprehension which is the problem here.

    Safer than at any time since 1066 indicates that the times between then and now were less safe, so you agree with him.
  6. Are we going to diverse down the "eats shoots & leaves" root here?
  7. Route :wink:
  8. Well there you go, we no longer need a military, we are all very safe I can now sleep at night knowing that there are no enemies just fantasy enemies.
  9. It's 'divert' :wink:
  10. Fantasy enemies eh?

    More often than not, the fantasy/fear is worse than the reality, so perhaps we need to spend more money on defence. :scratch:
  11. Perhaps we could run a dual system (as a test);

    A Real Defence capability for real potential enemies and a simultaneous Fantasy Defence capability paid for with fantasy money for the fantasy enemies and see which one we need to use first.
  12. Well, he's probably right in a way I mean where are the run's ashore in Afghanistan or Iraq?Its hardly worth getting the shit shot out of you if there isn't a good run ashore after it. Totally boring today's wars are, bring the lads home and attack somewhere sensible like Scotland.There's good drop of Newcastle Broon ale on the way up there ,lots of roads and railways for home leave,finally rid the country of men in dresses ,nasi goring Haggis,bagpipes ,caber tossing,Ginger haired people, the mind boggles.
    Just a thought
  13. I don't know about that Bindu, I think haggis is one of the best thinks to come from Jockland. That and deep fried pizza. Oh and Irn Bru. Yum Yum!

    I guess if the armed forces are such a waste of tax payer's money and are about to be scrapped I should start thinking of a different career. :roll:
  14. So, in the short time that has elapsed since
    Chico failed his final Kit Muster, we now read
    that they wish to get rid of the Armed Forces.


    I think not.

  15. No longer brewed in Geordieland, now known as Taddy Broon as it is med @ Tadcaster.
  16. "We are safer than at any time since the Norman conquest. Yet £45bn is spent defending Britain against fantasy enemies"

    Even the Daily Mail wouldn't have printed shit like this.
  17. Unfortunately there are people who believe in sh*t like this :(
  18. If they start fuckin the forces off, d'ya think I could have a tank, I've friggin paid enough tax to own a couple.
    And it would piss my neighbour off as well as he can't get on his drive opposite if I park anything in front of my house. :twisted: :roll:

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