Get a f***ing life!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by oberon, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. HAHA! :rofl:
  2. PMSL she's a few fries short of a happy meal I think
  3. 1) it's not like he was dipping his wick into a real woman, was it?

    2) she originally met him online

  4. Fair play to him, it takes skill to type on a computer keyboard when you've got six fingers on each hand
  5. never know 6 fingers could come in handy
  6. I also spotted the problem......
    but also he is
    But to give her a fair analysis.....looking at Jennys points
    It IS emotional cheating, which the breadknife assures me is the same. Apparently fluid swapping is only a physical act, but that's the first defence of the cheater in real life "it didn't mean nothing, honest".

    She met him online so perhaps its also a breach of intimacy, she no longer has exclusivity and so feels doubly cheated. But she also realises she wasn't meeting his emotional needs, but to be fair she probably had er one of those thingys, er, yeah a JOB, one of them.

    Point 3, although valid, you have to appreciate how people can be over absorbed into these things and perceive them as their reality. Like people who watch Corrie/Eastenders and accost the actors on the street about "wot they done" in character on a TV show. Granted the actors have so little talent there's not much acting going on, and you could be forgiven for assuming they have the same personality traits as their characters, but still, some people take it way too far.

    But heres the kicker
    Lets hops this one can maintain a conversation without the words "bewbs" "kewl" and "n00bs"....
  7. LO where do i sign up
  8. On my bra :thumright:
  9. I will bring the big pen lol
  10. Believe me Jenny's points aren't something you would miss :thumright:
  11. Maybe a virtual lawyer can do a virtual divorce, the virtual house can be virtually cut in half and shared.

    Maybe she should go on and meet a bloke virtually more good looking and virtually rub it in his face.

    My God, buy him a set of golf clubs or something!!!!!!
  12. Or get him off his lazy arse and make him work!
  13. i think some people need to re evaluate there lives again!

    such a sad end to a virtually perfect dream, oh wel maybe not,
  14. ...what a fine upstanding pair they are :pukel:
  15. What's the old saying; "God picks them and pairs them"?

    Isn't it sweet, though: people making friends over the internet.
  16. I'm with the woman on this one. Whilst it does seem that she has been a bit overly-sensitive to begin with at the end of the day it is her [now ex] husband entering into intimate chat / fantasy with another woman instead of his real wife. Also he is the one who binned her, albeit after she called him out on it. In my book, as quirky as this one is, she is the injured party and he is obviously a complete freak.

    Now tell me whether any self-respecting woman could stay with someone like that?

    I'm also curious to know whether virtual divorce is cheaper than the real thing.

  17. I've just now looked at the daily mail link provided by JFH and viewed the photos of all parties involved. Its curious to see how they compare with their virtual images. :eek:mg:


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