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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by seafarer1939, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Mingy Merkal has stated that due to the lack of progress in the EU it could lead to war!
    Is it time to build up the Home Guard again and to cancel my holiday in France as they will fold pretty quickly.
    Any other country this remark would be ludicrous,from Germany?the Sods won't fight in Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya yet she talks of war?
    She's obviously not getting what she should be getting!
    Then again Merkal in Jackboots would be a sight!
    I guess it was mis-quoted!
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  2. Hail Merkal.
  3. I will give you a shout if i see any jackbooted, goosestepping stormtroopers around this evening:-D:-D
  4. Media paranoia/sensationalism.
  5. Or Heil Merkel even.

    Non-story. Next!
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  6. Just to say, the Bundeswehr is in Afghanistan...

    Bundeswehr in Afghanistan - Auf einsamen Posten - YouTube

    But there's no real chance of Germany going to war with anyone. For one, Germany can only go to war to defend itself (It's illegal for Germany to attack another country) due to the countries constitution.
  7. If only we`d thought of that in the 30`s, could have saved a lot of hassle. Perhaps added a bit that the only aircraft they could have would be gliders, or the biggest tonnage of warship would be limited to 10,000 ton.
  8. And history never repeats itself.

  9. And have taken losses.

  10. Great Jehovah has spoken, move along nothing to see here.
  11. Ah, hello shit dits. Make your stalking quick this evening, I have to go to the boozer in 45 minutes.
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  12. I don't think Merkel meant there would be war but was just over-egging the pudding to get the "don't knows" to vote for her and Sakozy's master plan for saving the Euro.Who would be going to war and with whom and what they would be fighting for was not made clear.
    I'm sure there must be plans on T'internet for an Anderson Shelter somewhere so I'll start excavations tomorrow as long as it isn't raining.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    seafarer1939 wrote

    I understand that she said to the effect, peace in the next 50 years is not/may not be assured. Although, speaking to the Bundestag, she said it German. Lost in translation, misquoted, failing to understand context or as another poster said something like; sensationalist media hysterics.

    I can see how things could go terribly pear shaped if the arrse falls out of several European economies. I mean, really falls out. Strategic shocks. Some countries may end up with such internal strife that they will not be at peace with themselves let alone their neighbours who become responsible for refugees. So, like the Germans do, she is looking ahead. Politicians look to the next election. Statesmen (or women) look to the next generation. Dr Merkel falls into the latter category. Berlusconi looks to the next shag.

    The Bundeswehr have been in Afghanistan for some time, the Bundestag voted that it was appropriate. A German General has lead ISAF at least once. And as MLP said in response to your ill informed dribble, they have taken losses. Oh, and they are active in the Gulf of Aden and their paramilitary Polizei did very well against the PFLP in Somalia in (?) 1977 (with some help from the Hereford gun club).

    Germans rock.

    A non story indeed, but the thread is not yet ready for the barge.
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  14. Blocked CA Thread

    Germany declares there may be War!

    Replies: 12
    Views: 296
    Last Post: 19:32
    by Seadog
    Current Affairs

    <<Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator>>

    I can only presume that 'a crayonner' has caused this thread to be blocked.

    Shirley a deletion of the offending post/public warning would have been sufficient?

    Could we be told, please?

    Puzzled of Portsmiff:-|
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dear Puzzled of portsmiff,

    It's all good for me, It's not locked have another go mate.

    Fickky from down under.
  16. Thread still locked
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I didn't knowingly lock it, it's not showing 'locked' / 'blocked' , not behaving as locked. I haven't deleted any posts, there is staggering ignorance and low brow contributions but nothing reaching the bin/lock level.

    I'll look into it but I won't be all morning at it.
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Mod note:

    It is claimed in Site Issues that this thread is blocked/locked. As far as I can tell, it isn't, wasn't and I haven't deleted any posts.
  19. I posted it as a tongue in the cheek remark,I don't understand why it was Invalid Forum.
    If it needed moved then move it,if it upset the Germans then tough shit,they MG42'd my old man at Dunkirk,took him two years to get better.
    Still it is what it is for what ever reason.
    In future I'll just post about the flower pot men and Andy Pandy!should be OK with that!
  20. Got to say that's my mistake re.the Germans in Afghanistan.To my knowledge they were in the North away from all the fighting down South.
    Last report I read was that they rarely see any action and have an easy life up there.
    If that was wrong then so be it,not having been there I can only,like others,go by reports in the rags.
    You can lose troops in Theatre with out ever firing a shot,training accidents,overturned vehicles etc they have been lost in Theatre but not by combat.
    Still if they are fighting I apologise for wrong posting.

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