Germans - This week the playground, tommorrow the world!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by 5dits, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Linky

    Got to love those germans. No one who speaks German can be a nasty man.
  2. As they say 'Uber Alles' !!

  3. What's wrong with mixing with the Germans anway? Would they have rather have been in a resort with loads of Brits eating chips and drinking beer in the "Traditional Eeenglish Pub"? If they wanted to do that then they should have gone to Bognor.

  4. Wahrheitsbeweis ! ;-)
  5. What The Mail didn't say was that the German tour company had paid and arranged for the childrens' area, and that the facilities provided were therefore paid for by German holiday-makers only. They were being entirely reasonable by not allowing in those children whose parents had not paid. The Brits would have done the same thing if the (jack) boot had been on the other foot. The blame rests squarely with Thomas Cook for not providing similar facilities for the British. As Noel Coward sang, "Let's not be beastly to the Germans".
  6. Why go to another country for a holiday if you are going to just play with your own countrymen/women. Yes some Brits do have a loud personality, but you don't have to be near them. This stinks of discrimination on an international scale, but like all things in Europe nothing will get done and poor old brits will get shafted and told not to kick up a fuss. :threaten:
  7. We spent two weeks in a German owned Spanish hotel in Mallorca last year, and they had a rule that if towels were laid out for over an hour with no-one there, they were removed by the pool staff :thumright: .
    The only downer was that the hotel entertainment (bar!!!) shut down at 2330 !! (it being in a residential area) :( - hence we didn't go back the there this year.
    We generally tend to search for Spanish bars, they seem to be more accommodating and friendlier, and have less chavs scoffing as much sangria as they can !

  8. I tend to disagree with this position. The British abroad, especially during Empire hardly behaved any differently with their English Clubs and social segragation from the people they claimed to be acting in the interests of. Then there are the British ex-pat communities, too many of whom live in a bubble of little England, never bothering to learn the language spoken in their host country nor attempting to accomodate different cultural approaches.
  9. My Grandfather had a wonderful time at a German holiday camp. His only complaint was that the war was finished before his tunnel
  10. The type of discrimination that says if you don't pay for a service, you don't have access to it.
  11. Thomas Cook's website gives the impression that these facilities are included. If this is the information the couple were supplied with at the time they booked and they were not told that the facilities advertised were not included in the price or that they would, in fact, be unavailable during their visit, I suggest they consult a solicitor.

    Is Rosie available? ;)

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