German War Graves

Discussion in 'International' started by seafarer1939, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Two years ago on a tour around Italy we went by coach tour to various cities,Venice,Verona,Milan etc. The coach consisted of 18 Brits and the rest,about 50 Germans.
    On the road to Verona the tour guide on the bus asked if there were any objections to the coach stopping off at the largest German war cemetery so the Germans could spend a couple of hours there.
    All the Brits said no to a man,we didn't book a holiday to visit German war graves.
    As my old man was chopped up at Dunkirk I really didn't want to go there.
    We told the courier it would be ok if they dropped us off at a pub/restaurant whatever but she said no.
    We said no and us and Germans got on like oil and water after that on the holiday.
    People I've spoken too since[a lot ] said we were wrong and we should have been more tolerant but I'm still sure I didn't want to visit no German cemetery on a holiday.
    Just as a rider there was one elderly man,smart and distinguished with a leg missing,my wife said “Isn't it good when someone can cope with a leg gone†he turned around he was wearing a Deaths Head Skull Badge from the SS Division.
    My wife can be a prat sometimes.
    Would you have been kind to the Germans?two hours at a German cemetery
    meant two hours less in Verona that was paid for.
    Guess we weren't the new Europeans we are supposed to be.
  2. What is this 'coach tour' you speak of?

    Sounds common.
  3. If it had been an allied War grave, would you have had any objections?
  4. I went on a coach one with a friend. We wanted to understand the working class more..
  5. I think coaches are like planes but for poor people. From what I gather they are fairly gash and don't even have wings or Champagne dispensers. I saw one once but it was only very briefly as I was being driven past some peasants in my Silver Phantom.
  6. Lordy Lordy!!!! I just Googled it. Sitting on a Charabanc and driving around the countryside with foreigners.

    How absolutely Tacky!!!
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a matter of interest, was this "coach" anything like this?

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  8. Is that your weekenders transport now days ninja, I think I can see you sitting towards the back?



    PS I've done some coach/personal tours of the WW1 battlefields and did spend a short time in a German cemetery. Don't think I would want to spend 2 hours in one.

    But I suppose we have to remember that alot of the Germans that died didn't want to be there anymore than our relatives did.

  9. I felt it was right to visit the Argie Graveyard in the Falklands, we spent a good hour there.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, that's why I was asking if it was anything like that because mine's been pinched. :wink:
  11. What do you expect leaving it parked outside work in Liverpool????


    :) :D :lol:
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Krauts were keen enough when they thought they could plunge the world into a thousand year Nazi night. There's a difference between fighting for that and fighting for freedom, democracy and the rule of law.
  13. Yes but when your driving it how absolutely profitable :wink: :)
  14. Ah, an excellent German car, did you go to the German cemetery in it? :roll:
  15. I don't go to cemeteries. I have people to do that sort of thing for me.
  16. The "residents" have been there a good deal longer!.
  17. That will work every time...............................but one :lol:
  18. Oh you little liar, you posted on here you've just moved to one.
    Its called Cumbria :wink:
  19. some cheeky sods there I reckon,it was months holiday[flew there!] and escorted trips around Italy.
    great holiday and we saw sites I've never seen before,although I did visit Pompei on the Vic.
    Italy is a great country to explore but if you don't look like Tony Curtis you young bucks won't pull a bird!
    Didn't matter to me at with my aged sea legs.
    The reason I asked was the pub was divided and although I am a great admirer of our Forces,war graves would make me rage at the loss of life for leaders who are plainly insane so I don't visit, though I did in the mob as it was right when in uniform.
    We did the right thing at the time IMO
  20. I was doing a course in Latina a few years ago, we did November ceremonies in Rome on the Sunday (that was with all NATO personnel including the the Germans) Then on the 11th all British personnel went down to Anzio to the allied cemetaries and paid thier respects.

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