German S Boats mowing down Greepeace clowns

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Oops, sorry mate, didn't see ya!
  2. No prisoners taken there was there .
  3. Did you feel a bump there....?? :w00t:
  4. They must have shat in their pants. That one big gray boat ramming them was bloody big and fast....oh well. too bad for them.
  5. That's gotta hurt.

    Tell you what though, those environmentally friendly wind/solar powered Greenpeace boats can go at some speed.

    Unless of course, they are of shiote.
  6. I thought people in boats were normally seized at gunpoint, made to write letters of apology, arse around in front of the cameras, told to say how bad the government is and then get released after 2 weeks. . . . . ..

    Oh yes and then sell their sad story to the highest bidder!
  7. And lose their iPods.
  8. Clowns or not, I for one am grateful for organisations such as Greenpeace who're fighting to protect our oceans, seas and waters from polluters, the short-term interests of the powerful and the greed of those who don't give a fuck about anything except lining their own pockets. There is a thread on here about doing things again - would that I could I'd read for a doctorate in marine biology and join Greenpeace. In the meantime, :director: Save Our Seas! Save the Whale! Protect Coral! Ban Drag Nets! ..... :w00t:
  9. Snap :thumright:
  10. if they where saving the sea they would be using a row boat instead of a outboard motor that uses fuel and polutes and can potentually cut up defenice water creatures
  11. :thumright: SNAP, SNAP :thumright:

  12. The first collision and the result which appears in the pic on this post appears to have been caused by poor seamanship by the helmsman of the large grey boat colliding with his colleague and forcing into the collision shown. IMHO But most of them were very good, Plod that is.

    Have seen the the vid "Angry Teacher shown on the index on that page. Why oh why are all teachers not like that "Viva La French" then the scroats would mind their Ps and Q's

  13. Well I do hope they do get some decent scientific advice, Greenpeace have done their utmost to give environmental prtests a bad name through the use of bad science. Any one remeber Brent Spar, when it was eventually dismantled it was found that all the nasty stuff Greenpeace had said was in it was in fact not there and they stil have the nerve to claim it was a success. Whilst I may approve of their objectives their methods are often suspect, more marketing and spin than fact.

    I do know some one who used to train police RIB drivers to counter Geenpeace protesters and he had the utmost respect for their boat handling skills although yesterdays German versions seem to have underestimated the determination of the German Police.
  14. ditto
  15. My take is that some parts of Greenpeace are highly irresponsible in their actions. I remember clearly one of their larger vessels launching a helo into the middle of a oil spill spraying operation off South Devon around 1990 - they acted as if air traffic regs just did not apply to them. Previous posturing about nuclear submarines into Devonport has also been thoroughly irresponsible and did not think through the consequences of their actions.
  16. I agree, their motives may be noble and worthy of support, but I do think they need to move on from the pure publicity seeking mode they currently operate in to get both their science in order and make their protests in a way that makes governments find it easier to accept their point f view. I think they have already lost the moral high ground they achieved when the Frogs attacked them in NZ, and are d serious danger of becoming submerged in the moral bog.

    In my opinion rather than taking part in yesterdays publicity stunt they should be trying to get invites to make serious presentations directly to the likes of the G8 members, in that way they would probably actually stand a chance of achieving something, which might actually create some benefit.
  17. Hilarious.
  18. Concur HB!
  19. Greenpeace = the party of environmentalist hysteria

    And if they are so concened about the environment, how come they all happily drive and fly all over the gaff to hold their BS protests? Shurely there is some local tree they can hug?

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