German Navy 206A class

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Crabman, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Just watched a documentary on U18 one of the last of the 206A class which was scrapped late last year. Unfortunately I did not see all of the programme, but 2 things interested me in particular. The Captain commented on the activities of porpoises, which apparently have a liking for submarines and try to talk to them, they are so talkative and loud that they interfere with the boats primary task of int gathering and stalking of anything and everthing that floats on the surface. The second item was stalking a USN carrier, which was completely unaware of the uninvited attention, they took a photo through the periscope which was later published, apparently the USN Captain was looking for another job shortly after.
    The Chinese are not the only ones who lurk where they are not wanted.
  2. Like Crabmen, you mean? :wink:

    Similar stories abound of our underwater mammal comrades seeking carnal gratification with submarines, but the RN's repellent programme has to remain an OPSEC issue for now.
  3. The "Old Ark" circa 70's was followed for quite a while by a soviet boat in the channel. Caused a stink in the national press. Arks sonar was WW2 vintage and the transducer was turned by hand, not a chance of following any targets reliably or otherwise.
  4. On P&O boats we used to connect the battery to the de-gaussing coils to ward of these advances.

    I'll never forget the Giant Squid incident. :eek:mg:

    We also had a 'Kowalski' valve. Always worked for big :nemo:
  5. Went on one yonks ago,tied up at South Railway, no internal bulkheads, no reload torpedoes, and the periscope didn't rotate, to save space! you just goofed in eyepiece in a fixed position,and cranked a handle, plus big bunches of onions,keeps the smell down apparently,an they make a delightful potmess,after use.
  6. The mention of a 206's brings back memories of endless CASEX sorties. And the odd red flare!!!!!!!!

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