German misfire issues


War Hero
The "Oh, Scheisse!" at about 12 seconds sounds pretty authentic. Would be interesting to know where the robot picked up the technical terms used later.


War Hero
That was NOT a misfire!! The weapon malfunctioned after launch!

Use of the word misfire in this case was to align it with the title of the video and the fact the German footy team misfired in the World Cup!

Missile boost did fire but it didn't actually leave the launcher. So according to Oxford dictionary it qualifies (unlike the footy team):
Pronunciation /mɪsˈfʌɪə/
  • 1(of a gun or missile) fail to discharge or fire properly

However I do agree that we had conflicting terms for some of these misapps!!

And this Type 42 is said to be a misfire in the video title - but at least the missile did try a bit harder (about 2min 33sec in)

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