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German Cemetery in Cannock Chase


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Visited the cemetery,today very moving. It has graves from both World Wars. I noticed a couple of graves from 1919 and1948 . Which surprised me. Also what does GEFR UFFZ HEDLW MTR UFZ FEDLW ST GEFR, and others stand for under their names????


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Visited the cemetery,today very moving. It has graves from both World Wars. I noticed a couple of graves from 1919 and1948 . Which surprised me. Also what does GEFR UFFZ HEDLW MTR UFZ FEDLW ST GEFR, and others stand for under their names????

I think they are ranks. The German rank structure of WWII was quite confusing to be honest. The below is what i think they are, but i stand by to be corrected.

GEFR - Gefreiter (L/Cpl)
UFFZ - Unteroffizier (Not sure. It's an NCO rank i think as opposed to Underofficer)
FEDLW - Feldwebel? (Sgt)
ST GEFR - Medical L/Cpl. Can't spell the German for it. it's Stanistaat or something. It coud be Stabsgefreiter though, which is like a senior private.
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Thanks for the post - Blackrat is right re the contraction of full titles in German - example (not relevant to this though) Hauptbanhof becomes Hbf

As to the MTR - my take on that is 'Sailor' Mtr Hpt Gef - Matrosenhauptgefreiter Mtr Ob Gef - Matrosenobergefreiter - could they also even have been Zeppelin crew ? I suppose the 1919 death could be 'flu epidemic ? The 1948 one might have died whilst awaiting return to Germany ? Just a thought. I'm sure you're aware of this link for further info :-

Cannock Chase German war cemetery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Again, thanks for the post


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Yep the crew of the 4 Zepplins shot down in the North of England are buried their!!! 12 to a grave stone


I was raised in nearby Pye Green, till I joined the RN, and remember lots of German teenagers coming over in the summers camping on Cannock Chase to dig the graves so that remains from all over the country could be all bought together. nearby is a Commonwealth cemetery, and a mile or so away in a clearing is the Polish Katyn memorial ( to commemorate the murder by the Germans of 17,000 Polish Officers in the woods in Katyn Poland
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