German Aircraft Carrier Found - CVF Replacement?!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by geoffrey, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. I had no idea that the Germans had an aircraft carrier - albeit an unfinished one- in WW2. And now the Poles have found it (Oh the irony) -

    Maybe we could put in a bid for the wreck and refit it - after all, there's no sign of Gordon "I hate the Forces and all they stand for" Brown stumping up the cash for CVF...
  2. Maybe we should start a subscription to Carriers R Us. Bound to raise enough dosh eventually and probably long before Mr Brown comes up with it.
  3. IM IN!! Where do we sign up??

    Seriously tho, if Uncle Adolf had of actually listened to his advisors and put that thing into conflict alongside a couple of their better Battleships the 1940's could have been a lot more bleak than they were.

    38,000 tonnes - firmly fits into the criteria stated below
  4. Even so Adolf had just a few problems, no really suitable A/C, no aircrew (Herman was not that happy about giving resources to the navy, now where have I heard that before) and no trained crew either. Even if construction etc had continued it is unlikely that she could have made it to see before 1944 which would have been way to late.

  5. I think if Adolf had asked, Herman would have supplied them (regardless of quality).
  6. Herman apparently did delay things by about two years, assisted by Doenitz, and when Raeder 'retired' Doenitz applied the coup de gace.

  7. Mmmm, so let me see. The mad Fuhrer Adolf, initially voted into power on a huge groudswell of popular support (before he ruined the country in less than a decade) didn't have much of a grasp of military matters when it came to procurement and overruled his decisions. He supported the fact that the Air Force refused to allow the Navy to have decent aircraft to do a necessary job, and refused to ever admit he was wrong.

    Meanwhile, Doenitz (an unpopular and prudent old fashioned man who eventually succeeded Adolf as the Fuhrer) made stupid decisions that led to the downfall of the Reich. And Goering was a fat megalomaniac who nominally was deputy to Hitler militarily but was a laughing stock and didn't know when to retire.

    Sound familiar to anyone here?
  8. I doubt very much that we'll ever get the 2 Carriers as planned , if Wembleys anything to go by , they'l be out of date before we even get them ,
  9. Graf Zeppelin the Nazi Aircraft carrier was due to carry
    12 Ju 87D Stuka dive bombers and 30 Me 109F fighter aircraft .However this was later modified to 28 Stuka and 12 fighters.

    Work was finally stopped in 1943 due to catapult problems and arrester gear on aircraft --modifications .problems
    Scuttled at Stettin April 1945 and raised by the Russians in 1946.
    She capsized when being towed to Russia in 1947.
  10. That's not what a lot of people say. Ships don't capsize when being towed, they capsize when being deliberately sunk. True today as it was in 1947, and 1982 for that matter... ;)

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