Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by amazonian, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Any of you guys heard of the new American aircraft carriers? The first one is due in service around 2015. Needless to say it puts the new CVF to shame at least in size and aircraft compliment. Powered by 2 nuclear reactors (one for propulsion and one for other system?), displaces over 100,000 tonnes and can carry more than 75 aircraft. Also on the wikipedia article it mentions electromagnetic catapults, any Navy bods in here know what that is?

  2. A catapult is used in conventional takeoff carriers to accelerate aircraft to a speed sufficient enough to allow the aircraft to become airborne.

    The usual technology to do this has been steam catapults, i.e. the plane is attached to a piston placed just beneath the deck and high pressure steam fires the piston down towards the bow of the ship, taking the plane with it. This acceleration combined with the plane's engines allows the plane to take off.

    However, it takes a lot of power to generate the necessary steam, so the electromagnetic catapult is the latest development - a catapult that uses magnetism to launch a plane.
  3. As above,

    It seems to be the new way of propelling objects these days.

    The germans and the japs are using it to power the next generation of trains.

    100 aircraft eh? What it would be like to have a Navy with 100 deployable, serviceable, useful aircraft...............
  4. That'll explain why the USS Ronald Reagan keeps getting lost and doesn't know where it is half the time! :wink:
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    While the USS Bill Clinton appears to be a pig to steer in high winds - it keeps getting blown off course.
  6. They are currently building the last Nimitz class carrier which will be named the USS George W Bush. The new CVR is a completely new type of build in that every inch of it is a computer generated design. The electromagnetic catapaults have been designed to reduce the wear and tear of aircraft and catapault. It is a lot smoother on launch than the old steam type were.

  7. USS George HW Bush , CVN 77 , It's named after the present Presidents dad , the former President ,
  8. The USS George Herbert Walker Bush [also known as the USS Mission Accomplished] is also going to be fitted with the most powerful propulsion system ever it never gets stuck in Iraq :oops:

  9. Hehehe , good one "Bergen" ,lol , :lol:
  10. I guess the new Catapult system will work along the lines of the Maglev Train concept?
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Hmmmmm! Electro magnetic cats and highly sensitive aeronautical compas systems, I hope someone thought that through properly!
  12. They're gonna catapult trains?

    That would give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "I'm just off to catch the train... "
  13. Would probably make for a more efficient system. No more delays pulling away from the station as you're accelerated to 600KPH in less than three seconds.

    Though it might upset your low-fat, half-caff mochafrothaccino and tuna & pygmy nut panini that you've just purchased from the on-board shop.
  14. Yes Andy but different signals and points and no slowing down at level-crossings. Probably won't be rated at full military thrust on afterburners whilst in the station either.

  15. I ve just sussed the reason for 2 Reactors.Forget Electromagnets,they have scaled down CERN's Particle Accelerator to fling the jets off the deck!

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