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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Skunkmiester, May 26, 2006.

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  1. I absolutely despise the obnoxious little turd. But he's finally said something that I agree with.
  2. Perhaps you'd like to post the link to this shocking admission skunk? :)
  3. Taken from todays papers

    Galloway: OK to bomb PM

    CREEPY MP George Galloway was slammed as “twisted†last night — for saying an ASSASSINATION of Tony Blair would be morally justified.

    His rant came as it was revealed plans to protect the PM from terrorist attacks were lost in a security blunder.

    Respect MP Galloway, who sickened viewers with his antics on Celebrity Big Brother, was speaking during a magazine interview.

    He was asked: “Would the assassination of, say, Tony Blair by a suicide bomber — if there were no other casualties — be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq?â€

    Galloway, 51, replied: “Yes, it would be morally justified. I am not calling for it — but if it happened it would be of a wholly different moral order to the events of 7/7. It would be entirely logical and explicable.
  4. Whilst not agreeing to the bombing of anyone, he has a point. The July 7th bombings were inexplicable, whereas the asassination of any MP that vindicated any war on any country would be explicable but not excusable or morally just.
  5. I think that what he was getting at was that to kill innocent people in retaliation for a war is unjust.

    But killing the people who started the war is an act of war itself and is correct. Perhaps if they did blow up Blair they might manage to get Prescott at the same time.

    To be honest as far as I'm concerned they could blow up 90% of MP's and there would be no loss of innocent life.
  6. maybe Galloway could kill two birds with one stone.

    He could be the bomber and get rid of two annoying useless politicians in one go. Save the tax payer loads in wages!!
  7. Sometimes I get the feeling that galloway is a plant like two jags. In that he always seams to hit the headlines when blair (the emperor) is in the crap
  8. No Blair has been in too much crap for too long

    George is right in a lot of things -----and he seems to kick arrse aswell.

    Lot of truth in the things he says
  9. He certainly put the gobby Yanks in their place in the House of Representatives.
  10. I think Galloway is the most interesting politician around today.

    He provides me with hours of entertainment.
  11. Not a great lover of Thatcher [THE MILK SNATCHER] how many where happy when the IRA bombed the tory shower in that there hotel???

    Talk is cheap. And besides we all know that Mrs [asylum seeker defender]Blair runs this country not the man with the smiling teeth.

    GALLOWAY a typical politician with an answer for everything. An opportunitist always looking for that next opportunity to plug his ego trip.
  12. well with any luck they will both get rodgered then mugged and just to finish,topped by one of the HUNDREDS of loose loony foreign johnnies currently on the run from our excellent and secure Penal establishments!
  13. How can the murder of anyone be morally justified. To even open it for discussion puts Galloway in a similar league to those murdering bast*rds on 7/7.

    Most of you guys are serving or ex-serving. I don't particularly care about a number of our leaders either but I can't believe you are even having a conversation about this - shame on you.

    In any case he will pass on the leadership in the next year or so and will quietly slip away into oblivion. The process of losing power and becoming just another back bencher or life peer will hit him hardest & give him years to consider his actions.

    Also, its definitely time for Galloway to go too I think! :x
  14. As the man said --- invasion of a sovereign country by foreign powers entitles those people to respond in anyway possible .
    Suppose its Ok to blow up a few squaddies in the sand pit but please don't bring your bombs here!!
  15. I think I may have misworded my statement about THATCHER what I meant was as much as I despised that woman I was not rejoicing when the tories where bombed.
  16. If this were a straightforward invasion of another foreign country by us then yes, we would deserve what we get. However, WMD aside, the invasion put a stop to what amounted to genocide of one form or another. Saddam is responsible for the murder of untold thousands of his own people; we invaded then in part to stop this. We’re only there now with the consent of the elected Iraqi government and with the support or indifference (at least) of the majority of the population. If they told us to go we would have to leave.

    This is one situation where the Terrorist is most definitely not a Freedom Fighter; these guys are killers, pure and simple. Their cause is one of self-interest and it is right [now that we’ve started] to help put a stop to it. To do anything else would be the same as abandoning the Iraqi people to their fate like we did in GW I. Time to put it right – but lets hope it doesn’t take too much longer.

    Oh yeah, it is never OK to blow up a few squaddies – ever! If we ignore it then we'll probably see a lot more bombs here in time. More good reasons to see the job through.
  17. I think I'm inclined to listen to Mr Galloway ------------

    Straightforward invasion - yes

    Death toll --since the invasion and occupation--for the native Iraqi's must be approaching the Saddam totals .

    The elected government in anyother language could be construed as puppet ,probably the reason why the 'insurgents' are so annoyed.

    Disturb a wasps nest---------expect to get stung
  18. Sending suicide bombers over to the UK could be construed as the enemies way of revenge on us. At the end of the day they don't have billion pound stealth bombers to get through our defences. But they do have people willing to infiltrate or lax security and murder our innocents.

    If you look at the issue from the enemies point of view then things look very different and killing the PM is just as righteous as us killing Saddam.

    Remember that there were many paople in Iraq that wanted to see Saddam ousted from power and tried for war crimes.....I'd like to see Blair and Bush treated likewise.
  19. I'm sorry but this just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. If we are so noble and concerned about despots killing their own that we are prepared to oust them, why didn't we do anything in Rwanda?

    Iraq and why we went is a lot more complicated than that - "shoulder/shoulder with George W; oil; world player; etc" - the list goes on and none of it makes decent moral reading.

  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Theres not a lot of spear waving towards Zimbabwe either

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