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George Bush Assasinated!

What? Confused. Where's the pics of the ejit lying in a pool of blood? Who gives a s#it about your nose? I wish I didn't have to tuck my c#ck in my sock. What about Bush? Is he dead?


War Hero
drunken_engineer said:
What? Confused. Where's the pics of the ejit lying in a pool of blood? Who gives a s#it about your nose? I wish I didn't have to tuck my c#ck in my sock. What about Bush? Is he dead?

Of course he is dead.............Brain dead and has been since before he was elected.


:) Ohhh, you boys.Always good for a chuckle. As for the Texan Tosser being dead- don't tease me.
Maybe one day some selfless CIA bod will pull the trigger. Failing that, a sprinkle of something unsavoury left in his Turkey Pot Pie will give Ol' Bush the sh*ts , leaving him to dehydrate to death.Slowly.


no preference!


Lantern Swinger
Robert Mugabe would be a better option right about now, he won't leave, George W Bush has to leave by the laws in the American Constitution. Serve 8 years maximum and you are out.
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