Geordie horse basher

Just found this....

I was acting in self-defence, says drunken fan on disabled benefits who threw punch at a police horse | Mail Online

Now, he is/was on disability benefit, but managed to run up to and punch the horse.
He 'only had 5 pints' - right - a Geordie at a footy match and a derby to boot and only 5 pints? Oh wait... he is on Unemplyment Benefit too.
The scarf was only round his face 'cos of a sore tooth.........

Yes, I am having a rant. As for him, I know where sympathy is in my dictionary!
He's got my vote ... Mrs MG has got two of the stinkin, cash gobblin, sh*t producing, 'kin horses! Anyone who takes a swing at them is OK in my book ... as for the rest of it .. the bloke is a prat!


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"The former factory worker has not worked for eight years and claims £5,460 a year in disability living allowance and incapacity benefit. He says he suffers from sarcoidosis, an inflammation of the lungs.

‘I can’t even walk up the stairs. Doing anything physical is hard,’ he said..."

Yeah, whatever mate. You punched a horse. A fucking horse.

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