Genuine ToT Time or Rum Ration

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nutty, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Last night in SE Spain the Torrevieja RNA broached an original Galleon stone jar of Pussers Rum still in its wicker basket ans sealed with wax. This item had been purchased by a member in Gib circa 1977. A rum fanny was borrowed and neaters was issued to all members even the bunhouse boys. Strange but we had no "UA's" ot "T's" come to that

    This was the genuine authenticated McCoy, when was the last Tot time with RN Rum, a real rum tub and matelots to drink it?


    I am second from the left.

  2. Hi Nutty

    I'm glad it went off well. Did Jacques le Douste take the rum tub home afterwards to leach out any residual rum that was soaked up in the interior? ;)

    PS: Is that actually warm sunlight I see there? o_O Come on, out with it, how "cold" is it at the moment? :biggrin:

  3. Any of you rum rats who were'nt there let me tell you that you dipped out big time, just the smell was bringing tears to grown mens eyes.
    You'd like to know where mis-musters is would you? I'll bloody well bet you would!!!!
  4. DAMN 2 weeks too late - was in torrie and knew i should have popped in,
  5. What can I say ? You lucky b4stards ! Just looking at the pic makes me drool. Did you drink it all ???

  6. WHAT A WASTE OF RUM :w00t:
  7. Here's the image from Mrs Nutty's expertly honed telescope...


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