Genuine SAS/SBS/STC sunglasses - H4H auction - not to be missed.

Here we have for auction a genuine* pair of UKSF issue sunglasses. Probably made by Oakley** and in brand new but unpackaged condition.

I believe these are a slightly updated version of the ones that Andy McNabb and Chris Ryan wore on Bravo 2 Zero and are a real collector's item.

Here modelled by some of the members of Bravo 2 Zero:

Here modelled by me (yes I know I'm going bald you *****):

Usual auction rules apply, all proceeds to Hols4Heroes and the auction will run until 1200 on Friday 9th September.
Get bidding and good luck.

*may not actually be genuine but I stole them from the SAS PSI's desk drawer so I reckon they probably are.
**may not actually be made by Oakley.
To clarify, you can actually see through them and they do offer some UV protection, as one would only expect from such a high quality item.
I've just spoken to someone I know who is ex STC and he reliably informs me that these versatile shades can also be used to accessorize your gat.

I tried this out on a number of different weapons I had lying around and I'm sure you'll all agree that the shades look equally at home on both £80,000 Hammerguns and worthless old shite pump actions:

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