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Genuine SAS/SBS/STC sunglasses - H4H auction - not to be missed.


War Hero
Here we have for auction a genuine* pair of UKSF issue sunglasses. Probably made by Oakley** and in brand new but unpackaged condition.

I believe these are a slightly updated version of the ones that Andy McNabb and Chris Ryan wore on Bravo 2 Zero and are a real collector's item.

Here modelled by some of the members of Bravo 2 Zero:

Here modelled by me (yes I know I'm going bald you *****):

Usual auction rules apply, all proceeds to Hols4Heroes and the auction will run until 1200 on Friday 9th September.
Get bidding and good luck.

*may not actually be genuine but I stole them from the SAS PSI's desk drawer so I reckon they probably are.
**may not actually be made by Oakley.


War Hero
To clarify, you can actually see through them and they do offer some UV protection, as one would only expect from such a high quality item.


War Hero
I've just spoken to someone I know who is ex STC and he reliably informs me that these versatile shades can also be used to accessorize your gat.

I tried this out on a number of different weapons I had lying around and I'm sure you'll all agree that the shades look equally at home on both £80,000 Hammerguns and worthless old shite pump actions:



War Hero
PERSEC alert! Your top photo has what looks like the STC Roll of Honour on show, remove it or MOD action will ensue!
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