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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by TheLastStoker, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. Hey there, i was wondering if any fine gents (or girls) on this site could help me.

    I purchased a while ago what my missus called a waist of money, i picked up at a house clearance sale a gallon demijohn, in a wicker basket, sealed with a wax topper, red band across the middle, the whole shebang.
    Now this thing is full with what i can only assume is pre 1970's pussers rum.

    My questions are as follows, is there any way i can tell what is definatly in it (without of course opening wax seal and testing.)
    Also does anyone know if there is a market for this stuff, and how much it would be worth?

    any help would be much appreciated.


    P.s. If anyone wants photos i can post some up tomorrow.
  2. That's a cracker. I feel a case of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle coming on.
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  3. Thing is if the real deal is worth less than i paid for it at the sale, im going to crack it open and find out for myself, just dont want to unseal it if its gonna scupper the value.

    no matter how much i want to test it!
  4. I purchased two gallon of the rum a few years ago the red seal was deptford .It cost me 146 quid a gallon and was the genuine stuff alas all gone now i baught the stuff to sup and sup i did
  5. The RNA annual raffle currently has one of these as first prize............... reputedly worth 3 grand!

    Leave it sealed!
  6. I reckon it's crappy old wine and prob gone off, I'll pop round and take it to the tip with my knackered fence panels. :)

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