Genital Herpes and Genital Warts

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ryalls212, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Can someone possibly answer this for me?

    Will the lovely combination of Genital Herpes and Genital Warts prohibit one from joining the Navy as a pilot?

    Thank you
  2. Could you bring your own toilet seat to the afco as the staff may be friends of mine.
  3. I know it's a nasty topic but I'm quite concerned about it possibly barring my entry.

    I understand that HIV and AIDs will bar entry but there's no info on other STDs.
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  4. Another to add to the ignore list - it just gets better. This site is a magnet for *******!
  5. I'm looking for an answer to a serious question that, by the way, is really quite embarassing for me to ask. If you can't help then, with all due respect, don't bother posting in my thread.
  6. It's not his fault,.. he like I cannot answer you.
    We both suffer from Hermes, its like Herpes, but were just carriers.
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  7. I don't think the herpes or warts are a problem, but my AIDS took weeks to get rid of.

    More seriously - what sort of (female?) company have you been keeping? If pilot fails, you could try auditioning for the Jeremy Kyle show.
  8. Christ there is a piss poor calibre of trolls on this site.
  9. How can it be embarrassing you simpering great turd? This is an anonymous message board.
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  10. Are you male or female?
  11. Limited Q there Finks - a recent Troll was a Tranny.

    OP should opt for boats: Will then be in good company with those attributes.

    BTW - OP - Absolutely NO phots, PERLEEESE!

    Well, not on the Sabbath anyway.
  12. Genital Warts are fine, they stop your hand slipping off when your're knocking one out...errrr, so Rumrat told me!
  13. You could ask Rummers if he still has his brolly from his days as the dirty dick doc, it may not help but it will remind you to be more carefull where you stick it in future
  14. Do they come out from under their bridges when the weather turns chilly as there seems to have been a spate of the ugly little buggers recently? Before anyone jumps in there I don't know the answer, if I did I wouldn't have asked.
  15. It was the truth, your hand never slid off my togger once.
    Well done.

    And to the OP, I would imagine with the preventative medication available if its "simplex" you might be OK but that is just a guess based on what I know about the infection and not naval opinion.
    Angry Doc will know and tell you for sure.
    Larocaine and lemon balm used to be used I don't know now, bit out of touch.
    The warts can usually be removed by salve or creams if soft. The hospitals I've worked in usually laser them or hot wire with electricity if hard so no big deal there.
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  16. Burning lumps off your nuts with a hot wire "no big deal" hmmmm!
  17. Thanks for that info Rumrat. Hopefully, the Angry Doc can confirm this?
  18. It's a darkie thing Sharkey, witch doctors and voodoo dolls an' all that malarkey.
  19. Sorry, he's been awol for a while, I forgot who we were dealing with.
  20. As this is recruiting if he has been AWOL unless bad or good CO signed him off, is he to be trooped?

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