Generic plastic tubs or something similar.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by 2_deck_dash, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. I like tupperware. I find it not only useful for it's intended use of storing leftover food products but also for putting small things in that I don't want to lose, things like nuts and bolts and loose rawl plugs that might otherwise get mixed up at the bottom of my tool box.
  2. Re: Tupperware

    This one is particularly good, if a little oversized.
  3. Re: Tupperware

    Technically tupperware only refers to items made and distributed by Tupperware Brands Coperation but I'm sure you already knew that.
    In order to aviod confusion I'd be grateful if you could change the title of the thread to 'Generic Plastic Tubs' or something similar.
  4. Re: Tupperware


    I had considered the implications of this, but in much the same way everyone has now adopted the brand name 'Hoover' to describe vacuum cleaners I thought it was acceptable.

    I'm sorry if I have offended anyone.

    Look at this beautiful stackable set with ventilation holes, a true masterpiece, surely the Rolls Royce of plastic food storage:
  5. Re: Tupperware

    Much appreciated.

    Feast your eyes on this for the real deal
  6. Wow!

    Where can I get one of those?

    It even has special storage containers for liquid!

    I'm sure these would come in handy for storing other non liquid items as well but I'm just impressed the designers have gone into that level of detail.
  7. I vote K640 as MOD on this thread. His sensible and tactful response to copyright issues raised (YET AGAIN) by 2DD's wanton disregard for site rules has saved the day.
  8. Re: Tupperware

    That is fcukin beautiful.My eyes are moist already
  9. To be honest I think Tupperware have lost their way a bit, there is too much choice these days, some of the Chinese made stuff is just as good and half the price.

    Nice tash though.
  10. Re: Tupperware

    I never refer to vacuum cleaners as 'Hoovers', unless, of course, they are made by Hoover, and even then, I would still refer to them as 'vacuum cleaners'.
  11. Re: Tupperware

    I have even been known to call my Dyson a Hoover, so there.
  12. Re: Tupperware

    And you missus :D
  13. Re: Tupperware

    Don't make me remind you again what is and isn't appropriate for this thread, remember kids read this.
  14. Oh wow - never have I seen such fine boxes, can you hang on a bit while I ring my aunt Violet, she should be told about this.

    Excuse the word 'boxes', we aren't posh enough to say 'tub' in our house, no university graduates see.
  15. 2dd

    You have revealed a side to you I didn't know existed ............. :D

    You would so love the Lakeland catalogues. Here you go, feast on this ..................

  16. I am banned from Lakeland I'm afraid. I got a little over excited in the Brent Cross store when I spotted the plastic banana protector.
  17. I'm absolutely appalled by this thread. Don't you people realise that these dreadful plastic boxes are made from the devil's blood OIL, the single most horrid product ever invented.

    Oil has killed more commorants than their natural predator the octopus, or polluted more beaches than a council estates' entire dog population.

    No !!! Things should be stored in proper tins and old jam jars.

    I'm still fuming from when my young nephew brought his dreadful motorcar, it dumped oil on my path and I haven't been able to remove it, I get very cross everytime I walk to get the paper.

    :evil: :(
  18. Try this:'s+Gourmet+Sauces+%252526+Spices/Dave's+Insanity+Hot+Sauce.html
  19. Mrs Spidiver had some of that once...Gave her an arse like a dragons nostril with hayfever 8O
  20. Surely your council or local garage can remove the car or did he glue it down.

    Brilliant banana stowage by the way, pure genius. Do they do individual ones for blackcurrants?

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