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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Roco, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Quick question, I know it is possible to move warfare to aircrew but is it possible to move AEO to aircrew?

  2. In the old days we had a number of AEOs who were also qualified pilots. Extremely useful for checking out aircraft with weird defects.
    Hope they still allow this. :p
  3. They were called Maintaince Test Pilots (MTP). Specifically they test flew an aircraft after major servicing and also inflight investigation. I found them to be very a very helpful bunch
  4. Thanks for refreshing my memory. I believe that every air station and carrier had at least one such qualified pilot.
    At Lossiemouth we were also lucky enough to have a Doc who was also a pilot.
  5. I knew a few MPT's (ex AEO's), who ended up at the Empire Test School!!!

    Creme de la creme so to speak.
  6. MTPs and MTOs still exist. I wouldn't bank on it as a career path, but it is achievable....
  7. Roco - about a year ago you did FATs and AIB and then you said:

    "AA, are you saying that, with a FAT score of 126 for pilot and 124 for obs, there is no chance of me getting into BRNC even with an AIB score of over 200?"

    So it seems you didn't go to BRNC. Your choice or AIB's?

    I would expect that for an AEO to get an MTP slot they'd first of all need good aptitude scores - the slots are limited, and expensive.

    MTPs in the old days had to complete their first tour as a baby AEO before they could get a course slot, so they'd have been about 4 years into their service.
  8. INM's decision actually. Due to my knackered cruciate ligament I've been declared medically unfit for RM and aircrew but fit for all other branches (it took quite some time for them to come to this decision). The Surg Cdr said that the only way I could end up aircrew would be to go warfare and transfer once I'm in. But as I have a degree in aeronautical engineering I'm also considering AEO.

    I'm not banking on the MTP option, but I was just wondering if it was possible.
  9. With your degree wouldn't it be logical to go AEO. Otherwise it's a waste of your studies surely?

    AEO's do a great line in white ovies!!!!!! :lol:
  10. My mate on the Victorious, Charlie Gracie (yes aircrewman instructor) before we changed to Aircrewman . Was the AEOs writer. He used to get loads. With the lads singing, the beatles song, Paper back writer, with changed Lyrics to him. Happy days :wink:
  11. There is about one MTP per year, the process is to request grading during early training, then continue AEO training up to the Certificate of Competency. after CofC then proceed to aircrew training and onwards to a front line squadron. After a Squadron job then it's back into the AE world again as an engineer that flies, rather than as aircrew.

    The point of it is to make you an aircrew qualified engineer, rather than aircrew who happens to know about engineering. It's not a branch change, it's a sub-specialisation within the engineering world.
  12. If you have the ability then what a great catch you are for a civilian employer :p
  13. Just had a call from AIB offering me a place at BRNC in January as a warfairey. Decision made!
  14. WARFAIREY??? :dontknow:
  15. Apologies, Im going to have to get out of the habit of using my dads slang! Warfare Officer
  16. I think you'll find that it's war-fairy...

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