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Just out of interest i was wondering what is the general shift pattern on board a warship. I'm waiting on my PRNC date before i join the subs so i know that on a sub i will be working 6 on 6 off but i was just interested to see if that was the same shift pattern on a warship.
They're not called shifts. The navy does "watches", 7 in a day. Forenoon, Afternoon, Firstdog, Lastdog, First, Middle, Morning, 4 hours each with the exception of the Dogs which are 2 hours each. It will depend on what the ship is doing with regards to the "watch system" in place as there are many different patterns that are worked.


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Now! who is going to explain 1 in 3 West country?

Also could they also explain the roster for a two man submarine giving 50% leave?
Our 1 in 3 works - Forenoon & Long First, A'noon and Long Morning, Both dogs all night in.
Such an hard life, as an REM 1 in 4 was every 4 days duty sea or alongside, possibly one or two of them 4 hour watch thingies to keep, as LWEM(R) 1 in 6 to 1 in 13 was gap in days between duties, with no watches, best I had was a shore draft when we were 1 in 26 days. Once I gave up the grey funnel line to get my Dolphins I had to work for my living at sea was 1 in 2 or skimmers call it defense watches along side 1 in ? depends on how many FWD Techs qualified.

All I can say is wrong branch.
Anyone in the Royal Navy who calls it a 'defense watch' deserves a right kicking.

In their fanny I suppose.
that's not a problem, many on this site retired from the RN many years ago, so in my day a skimmer doing one in two was defence watches, cod wars, falklands, and sea training:-*
I'm not too sure about watches either. I get the system but have always wondered if that is on top of your daily work ie does everyone do 8-4 and watches as well or does the ship's company just work on the watch system when at sea?

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