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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. I've had a look at the RN website, and am unfortunately still in the dark, so what exactly do they do?

    Ships Protection Teams sounds intriguing, is it actually an interesting job?

    Or is it just a grand sounding title for standing guard?
  2. Yeah, standing guard until some idiot in a small boat come towards you, that's when it becomes interesting.
  3. We've been there,done that & got the T shirts last year, it was good but having wasted 4 years learning MW stuff. Now obsolete! maybe we should amalagmate with the local TA. While there the marines took twice as many to do our role and had a full range of gmpg's etc, even a rocket launcher. Where's mine!!!
  4. What I meant was or is it mainly static guard duties around dockyards or is it a bit more varied?

    I understand that some were deployed on board merchant ships. What kind of things would they be doing there?

    Is the training a mixture of army type training on land, and seamanship/small boat handling?
  5. Aright Tartan mate,

    I'm GSSR and a new member of the SPO team.
    Our primary role is Ship protection.
    We'll be a member of one of two teams on board probably merchant vessels. DF (Deterant Force) RF (Responce Force) Deterant force will stop you getting up the gangway and also keeping a watchfull eye. Responce Force will Answer the dreaded Bandit Bandit Bandit Call! and search the ship for an unwanted guest. I know quite a lot about both roles so if you require more info just ask!

    Fear God Honour the Queen
  6. I always thought it was like being a marine in the 18thC, rather like a soldier but on a ship. Smudge has it all summed up though.
  7. Sounds interesting. RF sounds like a bugger though. It must take a fair sized detachment on some ships to do it properly. Do you use SA80s whilst searching the ship (just wondering about overpenetration)?

    Do you work as boarding parties as well (if deployed on RN vessels)?

    Does DF only entail stagging on at the docks?

    What kind of training do you get?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions!
  8. Can't reply till tomorrow Tartan,
    We'll speak at about 12.15 tomorrow mate.
  9. It takes a team of 12 split into 2. Although 14 would be better on the larger vessels, which can be of any type RN, MN or STUFT, basically if it has a valuable cargo we'll protect it. SA80's r used 'don't do over penetration tho haha!'

    boarding parties hasn't been confirmed in writing yet.

    as for the training we do the full RN courses.
  10. Only the booties will be doing the initial boarding parties mate, our roll is mainly protecting the ship/vessel once it's secured.

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