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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Rigger09, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Im only a civvy but during work, ive been watching what i think are Navy Lynx flying to and from an unknown destination, at around half hour intervals, but theres about 3 of them. Theyve been flying over Crosby and was just curious as to what they may of been doing and if they were actually Navy Lynx! Hope this isnt a breach of OP or PERSEC, MODs edit or close appropriately if it is. :)

  2. You don't say which Crosby, there is more than one!!!

    It may have a bearing on why they may be in a specific area.

    I think any guessing would be mere speculation anyway!!

    If close to the sea, maybe tactics!

    Overland, from formation flying to navigation exercises, we'll never know.

    Generally Naval Lynx have a tricicle undercarriage. (Thats 3 sets of wheels) Nose and port and stbd.

    Army generally have skids. Where you close enough to see the underbelly?
  3. Hmm .. three you say, flying over every half hour? That suggests to me that they're flying round in circles, so they're lost so they can't be RN Lynx - they must be CRABS ...! Ww've lent 'em our Lynx and they've gone and got lost! It all fits!

    I like that bit "I'm only a civvy ... "
  4. PMSL :lol:

    A fun start to POET's Day !! :thumbright:
  5. Probably nipping down to John Lennon International for all the fishheads mail :lol: Probably a a few Ships on Ex. out there.
    Roofs :wink:
  6. General Query - didn't know they had generals in the FAA, but the name fits.
  7. Yeah confirmed today, definately a Navy Lynx. They only made a few runs early doors today, then the lot of them all scarpered at the same time.

    JLA is the other side of Liverpool Roof. South Liverpool, were the north side of town

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