General Pershing and Dealing with Extreamists

While browsing Wikipediea this morning, I came accross this. General Pershing is the only US soldier to have ever been made General of the Armies (a six star rank).

"Legend has it, just before WWI, Pershing is known to have defeated Muslim extremists in the Philippines that were attacking US forces much like in Iraq today. So he captured 50 of them and tied them up for execution by firing squad. He then had two of his men bring out and kill pigs in front of them (Despised by Muslims). His men then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood and shot 49 of the 50 captured extremists, followed by burying them in a hole with the pigs. They then let the 50th man go. A Muslim extremists uprising never happend again in the world for the next 42 years."

Harsh, I must say. But it had the required effect.
Never get away with that sort of thing these days. Health and safety would be all over you like a rash for contaminating those rounds.

What have the pigs ever done to deserve that..... wouldnt waste a pig on an extremist......!!

I would have force fed them black pudding until they exploded..would have saved the rounds as well then.... :twisted: :twisted: !


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Crazy Wiggy wrote

While browsing Wikipediea this morning, I came accross this. General Pershing....................... "Legend has it,.......
Third time up Wiggy- yawn. Use the RR search engine 'pershing'......... before posting. :roll:

And it's still an urban myth as is, strictly speaking, the six star bit.

Pershing in relation to five stars

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Reichsmarshal Goering was a six star and held the Reich Pie Eating Medal in Gold. I'm surprised Idi Amin didn't promote himself beyond (panto) Field Marshal.

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