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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hodge, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Not quite sure if this is the correct place to post this - but i'll give it a shot..

    Does anybody know where i can find an electronic or hardback version of a General Naval Knowledge manual preferably from about 1990 onwards ?

    If anybody can help it would be greatly welcomed! :D
  2. You could try HMSO, or ebay.

    Look for Admiralty Manual of Seamanship.

    The Naval Ratings Handbook has been dicontinued, I think, cos they couldnt keep up with the branch/badge/ship scrapping changes.

    What in partucular are you looking for?
  3. Im not 100% sure on what it is because it was somebody elses that i "borrowed" from a cheif who works at my Sea Cadet Unit and had the fromt cover missing. All i know is that it was a big A4 blue book from around 90's ? but not sure. Thanks for the info - and niner thanks for the SAR manual. :D :thumright:
  4. Hodge, look inside the book for the ISBN, (usually on the inside page) you can do a search with that.
  5. Thanks for the hint, i'll get it next time i see him :thumright:
  6. I've discovered what i'm after now, it is the Naval Ratings Hadbook, BR 1938. Any more help appreciated!
  7. Have one in my hand 1958 BR 1938 What do you need to know or are you looking for your own copy. Mine was issued in 1961 and was out of date in places then.

  8. Does it have an ISBN number Nutty?
  9. No but loads for sale on the internet try

    or just search by full name and BR1938 will give you more sites price seems about £10. May get it cheaper on e-bay.

  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am aware that Nauticalia (or the RN Museum shop in Pompey Dockyard) sell a selection of re-printed editions of old Ratings' Handbooks. According to the pocket-sized modern print copy of BR 1938 (1951 edition) I currently have in my room, it is published by the Imperial War Museum; perhaps Golden Rivet can assist? Or click the linky thingy here.... The ISBN for this book is: 1-90123-57-2.

    There is also the WWII Officers' Handbook for sale here.
  11. The two publications from the Imperial War Museum are both facsimilie reprints, not originals.

    Nothing wrong with that unless you want an original.
  12. Also available from HMS Belfast, or the Imperial War Museum in London.

    Brought back some memories, despite the change in the badges, most of the content still appears to be the norm - well worth the cost.

  13. I received a complimentary from from a former skipper of HMS Raleigh a couple of decades ago, so they're still about. :bball:
  14. Amazon mate, thousands of books... there's a MoD book about the Navy somewhere on there... which if you're going to an interview might be useful :)
  15. Thanks for the info guys! :)

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