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I'm interested to know if anyone can answer any of the following questions ref: Mobilisation
1. When it comes to pay (compulsory mobilisation) does the adjudicator take into account Gross or net pay from the previous 52 weeks?
2. Is overtime and seasonal work/variation taken into consideration? how much of this can we negotiate with the adjudicator?
3. I am likely to be compulsorily mobilised which is something both I and my employer are happy with, i've agreed a fixed period with my employer and will be expected to standby the agreement but what happens if, after mobilisation we surrender (UK govt, not Britmil..never!) Navy says "bye see you next time" (i'm thinking about unfolding situations in the News) but my employer has made alternative arrangements and will not expect me back until the agreed date..might be a bit of a loser?
4. Although i'm married can I still expect to be able to claim for someone to look after my gerbil and tend the window box in my absence.?

I'm sure some of this will be answered when the mobilisation pack arrives but in reality it would be helpful to have a heads up. I'm not sure how others have found things but the girls at Sabre are pretty helpful as far as they can be but my unit being part time and mil are sometimes difficult to get hold of for timely decisions.


you are assesed on gross income, take lots of evidence, including your RNR payslips. this is also paid as a reservist award, added to your monthly pay. any evidence of seasonal overtime (if it occurs while you are off there ) should be far as i know you are mobilised for 8-12 months, am pretty sure they would not bin you ahead of this if the situation changed.
as for pet kenneling, if you can show your partner could not do this, you have a claim. window cleaning , gardening, maintenance etc are all allowable.



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I'm sure that SO2 Seaman has answered SNLR's questions but for others that may be interested, here are my answers to the questions (standard exemptions and qualifications apply):

1. The adjudicator uses Gross Pay.

2. The adjudicator uses actual earnings from the previous 52 weeks including any bonuses or overtime. He will also include your earnings from any 2nd or 3rd job and the RNR (but NOT your Bounty). You will need to provide evidence by means of payslips or P60s.

3. Although your Notice of Mobilisation has a period of mobilisation in it, this is only a guideline and can be either shortened or extended. HMG tries to demobilise as soon as possible and there is a real chance that you will return to civvy before the date on your Notice but you should impress on your employer the need to stay flexible.

4. Details of other things that you can claim for are included in the mobilisation pack. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

Finally, the answers to all these questions and more are contained in the pack. There is a lot to it and you should read it all carefully and then discuss the content with both your employer and your spouse to make sure that you all have the same understanding about responsibilities, rights, protection and benefits (yours, your employer's and your spouse's).

PS. Enjoy your mobilisation.


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Thanks to all who have given the advice out.

However, to all those about to be mobilised, please understand that the only genuine information is the info contained in your pack, and whatever I, or other helpful people say or write, it is NOT official.
I was mobilised this time last year, and have been involved in over 100+ mobiisations since, and I think that the contributers to this thread are correct in what they advise, but again, it's not official, so be careful.

In short, if you can prove that you will have to pay someone to do something that you would have done if you were not mobilsed (the school run twice a week??), and can prove that you'd expect to be paid £XXX (be it in overtime, RNR pay etc) you will NORMALLY get the dosh.

Final note of caution, please make sure all claims are genuine, (I know I'm preaching to the converted, but there will always be one person who might spoil it for the rest) - as the Adjudication officer can check that you paid £33 per week for a Goldfish walker!

Happy Christmas, and many thanks to all from the Sea(res) who have put up thier hand and have been/about to be, mobilised

Yours Aye

Having been through this process myself recently, the bottom line is you are not to be out of pocket as a consequence of being mobilised. And if you ahve to pay for gerbil care to make your rodent, then so be it the Mob will reimburse you.

If your services are no longer required, then there will be some mitigation again; gash hand in the dockyard for the duration. It is most unlikely they would send you home. Bu that is a risk you will have to manage, like the possiblity of losing your job, or your wife !!!

Concerning gross or net in calculations, some people have extenuatin circumstances with their employer, and I can say I was afforded my net take home pay on the basis, you will not be out of pocket. Again, extra earnings like overtime, bonuses and RNR pay are to be included in your consultation with the adjudicator. Do not hesitate to ask, as if you dont ask you dont get. Good luck.
With a mobilisation looming and from the odd rumblings you get from people that have been deployed, my concern isnt what I get paid its whether I get paid at all...!!

I had no end of shit last time and I aint going through it again..I get paid on time the amount I'm due or I'm out the door!!
Sharks.!!..In Scotland...shit global warming must be getting worse!

If my pay is still being jacked about by the time I go overseas..well...trying not to think about that.....!!!! :banghead:
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