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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dean5778, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Hello I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’m currently at uni doing my degree in Adult Nursing. I’m only in my first year, so been there 4 months nearly. It’s going well but I’m very bored. I’m not being stimulated enough.
    I looked into the Royal Navy last year as a Naval Nurse, and was advised to go ahead with my degree, get some experience and then come back to them. But I just can’t wait that amount of time. I went back on the site, saw the medical assistant job, and went to my career office and I now have an interview with them on the 1st of December. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been practicing my psychometric tests over and over and I’m pretty confident I’ll pass. I’m also a pretty active person in general and go to the gym, swim, and do plenty of cardio, so the physical side of the interview I’m not phased by.
    What I do want to know and I’ve looked up and down this forum site for more info on this career role, is how long does it take from interview to Raleigh? I mean I know some roles take about a year before you begin. But because the nature of the role I want to do, I’m imagining it’s in high demand because of the conflicts in Afghanistan etc... Do you think it would happen pretty quickly in me getting in, or will I be waiting around for absolutely ages? I’ve not quit uni yet, I don’t want to until I get the letter giving me the date for Raleigh, so then I can concentrate on my fitness 100%.
    Also any advice in general about the role I wish to pursue would be good to hear from anyone who’s doing the same as what I want?
  2. Take the adviceyou have been given. Get the degree and join as an officer.
  3. Dean, I know you don't want to hear this, but please, please think twice before giving up your nursing degree and joining the RN as an MA. It's not that a career as an MA is a bad thing, it's that you will, I guarantee you, at some time in the future regret that you didn't finish your training. As a qualified nurse you can join the RN (or RAMC or RAF) as an officer, and being an officer is much better than being a rating; the pay is better, the status is better, the lifestyle is better and last but by no means least, the pension is better.
    If at end of a rethink you still insist on joining as an MA then good luck, but don't say you weren't warned!
  4. Listen to Wardmaster Dean
    He joined as an MA (or more likely an SBA) and then worked hard and eventually became an occifer. So he has seen life from both sides and knows what he is talking about.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, I have thought about it. I have actually spoken to my tutor at uni and he's said that if I don't like it, I am allowed to come back to uni and start back where I left. There is a way to get around it.

    To be honest, an officer job might be better, but i'm not looking at it like that. I just want to get in there and learn as much as I can that way. There are loads of other reasons why I want to join which I wont go into right now, but I honestly do not want to wait any more longer. Wardmaster, you said that the role is ok. I like that. I have also read that naval nurses during peacetime operations are not deployed on the ships. I don't like the sound of that. I want to be away at some point.

    Anyway, I wouldn't have come on here if I didn't need the advice, but I have. And I got to still think that I wanna be a MA. I believe that you can train as an ODP at a later stage in my career. That is exactly what I would do when the time comes, because I've already made my mind up in the fact that if I was to become a nurse after my degree, I would go straight into scrub nursing which is exactly the same role as an ODP... well near enough!

    Anyone else on here work as an MA or work with them?

    P.S. i'm not afraid of hard work, or commitment. I wouldn't be considering the role if not. I can just really tell you guys right now that my degree is really not what I expected and i'm not being challenged in anyway!
  6. Ok,heres my groats worth.As an MA you are highly trained in 1st aid,casualty handling,minor surgery,Pharmacy and Store Keeping,Medical Organisation for Actionand general admin.You "could" be in the front line,or in the rear with the gear.If you want action then consider a RM MA then youll be there at the sharp end.As a Nurse you will get deployed overseas but mainly in the Rear in field hospitals.Of course with your Nursing Degree you can give the square root of a bedpan and not know which way up it goes,but you WILL have a qualifacation to fall back on when you leave the RN.Yes you can become an Officer,but WILL you?Once in the best laid plans do go pearshaped.Sine we no longer have dedicated RNH's the RN doesnt have many Operating Theaters and as such the need for ODA's isnt great.ODA and Scrub Nurse are different beasts entierly.Scrub nurses dont have much to do with anaesthetics unlike ODA's.If you want "action" thern go RM MA,if you want to be in the rear with the gear be a NN.You need to make a choice,do you want to be a Nurse or a Paramedic?

    I was an MA in the good old days of RNH's and also am an RGN.So i can see it from both sides,however,as an MA its not a given that you WILL get a seadraft..................i didnt!
  7. Hello Andym. That's a great responce. Thankyou. Well I'm on my placement at the moment on my degree and I can happily say that, no I am not liking being stuck in a hsopital ward doing the usual routines. I know it sounds sad, or bad, but I do like the action side. I'm not allowed to request A+E during my first year of placements as i'm not ready. But it's that side I like. That and operating on people. Human biology is my faveroute subject and i've bot my A-level in it and now doing it again at uni. So I like the sound of the emergency situations. Of course I don't like seeing people in that situation, but I wanna work along them lines. So maybe the RM is for me? I will have to keep an open mind. But I can say for sure that my mind isn't changed and I am going to my interview completly dedicated and confident in my choice to become a MA.
  8. Dean

    Pls see your PMs (messages).
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to add to the well qualified advice above (nice one all), the waiting time to join as a Medical Assistant, last time I looked, was around 18 months-ish.

    It may have changed, but it's certainly in the teens.
  10. Bloody hell what the [email protected]#$ are you all on about.
    If Dean joins as a Rating he could have the honour of injecting Baby Booties in their spotty buttocks (With a hypodermic needle!!) with all number of pain killers, antibiotics and STD treatments at Lympstone.
    Who wouldn't jump at the chance of that?
    Degrees, Lace on the cuff of ones Uniform and Cake and Arse parties are all very well, but the trappings of power soon fade (especially if you leave them out in the sun).
    The memories of inflicting pain on Royal, getting paid for it and and not being at risk of a thumping in return would last forever.

    Nah, stick with your studies mate the Navy will still be there when you've Graduated.
  11. Hi Dean
    Firstly why did you chose Nursing when there is now the Paramedic science Diploma available through University which by the sound of it will suit you better and get you where you want to be?? I'm not sure i agree with this new way of getting qualified as its open to kids 18+ who IMO of doing the job want the glamour but dont like the messy blood, snot and shit that goes with it.

    If you see my bold then i need to point out that there is absolutely no glamour in the job so if thats what your looking for you will be disappointed because to be honest it can be pretty traumatic all round.

    My advice would be to explore the course i mentioned but in the meantime just try and learn as much from your nursing course as possible before you decide to make your move. Oh and there loads of birds at Uni so you should be spending your time getting yourself a few STI's

    P.M if you need any more advice


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