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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sparkey321, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey, im currently awaiting my start date, but just need a few things 'elaborated'.

    Im very active, i play very competitive badminton sometimes upto 4 times a week, at county level.
    I also have started getting up early (ie, 5am) and going for timed runs, and doing reps of exercises.
    My main worry is swimming, i can tread water for 4 mins no worries, but my general swimming technique is somewhat parp.

    Ive started going to my local pool to improve technique and stamina, but im still not sure exactly what the military test is for HMS Raleigh.

    Ive heard you tread water for 3 mins, swim to a rope and back in under 4 mins, then get out unaided, all wearing overalls.

    Is this right?? sorry if its a repetitive post
  2. Hi Sparkey,

    That's about right except you only tread water for 2 minutes. Don't worry too much about it, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. If for any reason you should fail it, you will go on swimming remedials twice a week till you pass. We had some non-swimmers in our class and they passed it eventually. Of course try and get your swimming up to sctatch before you go because remedials eat in to your kit time!

    Good luck,

  3. great, thanks.

    yeah i tend to sink, when doing breast stroke. oh, also, ive heard alot of rumours about what stroke you can use for the swim?
  4. I'm not sure if it varies depending on the PT staff, but there were all sorts of strokes used when we did it. Back, front, side....whatever got you up and down that pool! :D
  5. lol, i hope the PT Staff are gentle in that respect. lol many thanks for your help
  6. Of course they are. What would you expect.
  7. AFAIK you can use whatever stroke you like.

    It's supposed to mimic jumping overboard in working clothes, swimming to a liferaft, waiting to get in then getting in. In that situation you could use whatever stroke you like!
  8. so how come then that some people have said that their PT staff told them they could only do a particular stroke.

    I did have the same thoughts as you angrydoc, its supposed to mimic that situation.

    also ive heard something about passport photo's have to be taken, is that on entry to raleigh, or the meeting with the RO 6 weeks before the start date?
    im popping in to see my RO on sat, just wondered what you lot would say prior
  9. The 8 week pre-joining fitness schedule describes breast stroke as, "the preferred stroke". I inferred from this that you could use any but it is suggested you use breast stroke.

    Clearly, wording such as this is ambiguous and is probably what leads to some people saying you have to do a specific stroke.
  10. It is a standard test across the Forces (or at least for RN and Army) I have done it on entry to both, in '01 and again in '07.

    The format is as follows: Tread water for 2 minutes wearing overalls, on completion of the two minutes, swim 50 metres unaided using any stroke you wish, finally you must climb out of the pool unaided and without using the ladder. If you touch the sides of the pool at any time during the treading water or 50m swim it constitutes a fail.

    Recruits to the Army still take this test, I watched a fresh batch do it last month and the test was exactly as detailed above. I can only assume it has not changed for the RN.

    Edited to add: It has nothing to do with swimming to a life raft, it is just a basic fitness requirement, hence why the Army do it as well.

    The life raft bit comes later during BSCC. :wink:
  11. sorry for being naive, but whats BSCC? :?
  12. Basic Sea Curvival Course
  13. :D Je suis un Mong.

  14. Doggy paddle for the win.
  15. Not at all.

    Everyobe suffers from fit fungers now and thin.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator


    RM recruits had to wear rig, belt order and rifle, jump off 10m board into pool. Swim 50m (breast stroke) , tread water for two minutes, hand over rifle and webbing to someone one the side of the pool.....without touching the side. Get out unaided. swim.

    ( I may have got the tread water/swim 50m the wrong way around) 8)
  17. You forgot the pull through and oil of the weapon and proving it was safe before the handover. Standards! :wink:
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sod that, took me all my time to stop doing "man from Atlantis" impressions.
  19. Yeah but RM recruits don't have to Maffs or Inglish which is much harder.

    For them
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    True, I miss my pussers issue crayons..... :cry:

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