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Good evening all,

I've applied to join the RNR as a General Entry Officer. I won't go into length about my motives, but I am in an Engineering role in civvy street but don't wish to be in the RNR as an Engineer, I would like to support the Navy (and the Navy support me!) in another capacity.

I can't find much out about the General Entry roles, on the RNR website it says:

"Go beyond the everyday. Push yourself further. Become a leader. Joining the Royal Naval Reserve as a General Entry Officer is your opportunity to use your skills and interests in a wide range of specialisms and world-class training courses, from mine warfare and submarines, to media or intelligence."

So IF I pass the AIB, will I just be selected to go wherever the navy requires me? I can't find a training pipeline for any more info on the 4 things it mentions above, I'd like to be a bit more clued up about it, and what it could mean for my RNR career.

For example, if I get involved in media or mine warfare, what is the training pipeline of that?

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.


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Thanks @fishhead

Right, a million variables, as ever, here. What I should say, cards on the table, is that the RNR is under going a huge "transformation" currently. After a decade or two focusing on shore ops in support of the RN we are now being tasked to send bodies to sea, particularly on the OPV's, as seaman for ratings, and boarding officers for the likes of you,

I could list a heap of colleges who are currently, or have been, on board QNLZ in support of the command during the current deployment. It is certainly an interesting time to be joining; but it may not be clear as to what you are joining until "transformation" has turned it's very large wheel.

I have seen, in the past months, changes that were imposed being changed again, particularly with a view to N1 stuff. Now, I am not against change as such, but I have to confess that some of the papers being issued by CMR are a struggle for me to understand! In essence, I'm going to avoid your direct question in fear that what I tell you may be wrong by tomorrow morning.

The stand-up of the GW branch is, in essence, an N1 thing, we still need specialists in each of the disciplines. By all means have a clear idea as to what Sub-Spec you would like to join. I'd be happy to outline which each does by PM, if you so require. Also be prepared, very prepared to go to sea in the Fishery Protection role - those pesky French trawlers need RNR officers waving a finger or two at them, obviously!

Does that help at all?

I'd also leave you with the advice I give to all potential RNR's - Engage with the unit you intend to join - The Recruit Pipeline Manager will have all the latest dits to hand, and will be able to guide you as to what may be best.