General Entry Officer Reserve - Naval Intelligence?


I have looked through the RNR recruitment website in the last few weeks and found that General Entry Officer might be my route into being a reservist with Naval Intelligence. I tried asking questions about Naval Intelligence on the online chat function the recruitment website has, but the person on the other side of the chatbox knew nothing at all.

Can anyone enlighten me about the specifics of Royal Navy Intelligence and whether General Entry Officer is the best way into this?

Btw I’m not planning to join for a few years yet, I just want to have everything straightened out and be fully fit before I do so.

Oh yes, sorry when I say “specifics,” I certainly don’t mean sensitive information!

It’s just that the British Army Intelligence Corp and RAF Intelligence both provide sort of “day in the life” rundowns of what it’s like , what you can expect from joining them, etc on their websites.

But thanks for the referral. I’ll get in contact with HMS Ferret.
General stuff:
  • You will leave your unit and no longer attend any drill nights and instead become a member of HMS Ferret.
  • You will be required to pass a one weekend selection process after finishing phase 1.
  • Supposedly, you're asked to remove yourself from public facing social media and generally keep being in the RNR hush hush.
  • The three specialisms are: Human Intelligence Operator, Imagery Intelligence Analyst and Defence Intelligence Analyst. Further info on these is available on DLE or Defence Gateway.
speak to your nearest unit, and do it soon. It might take you quite some time to "get in", equally, you may achieve entry in a matter of months. Speaking to your local unit will bode dividends, as you might find that you can join now (or soon) and transfer later - I think they are over-subscribed, so again, joining early and putting yourself on the "Reserve Transfer List" may be a sensible option.
It's important to keep in mind that on the RNR officer pathway it'll be ~2 years before you make the spec choice so just understand that however many years you plan to wait to join add another 3 before you're able to actually do the job advertised.
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