Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Purple_twiglet, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Right folks, to prevent this board being swamped by election threads, please put all election stuff in here (in the manner of the Afghan thread).

    Any 'rogue' election threads will be moved here.
  2. Can you add a poll to your original post please Purple_twiglet.

    Perhaps how will you vote:

    Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Other, Not voting
  3. Thank /f$%k for that i am glad someone has taken the lead ,becaure we are going tom have it coming out of our ********* for the nexy four weeks or so :D
  4. WHY AND WHAT FOR go to the polls and do it :D
  5. For people in training establishments, it might be wise to consider voting by proxy. Information can be found here: How do I vote?

  6. Because I am curious to see if my incling that the Tories will get a large proportion of the RR vote is the case and I can't do it myself because we are now not allowed to create new threads.
  7. Lonesome,

    Such 'Opinion Polls' (even at RR) tend to incline towards the unreliable end of the spectrum, unless you know otherwise of course.

    Just consider the way that this Govt. has dealt with Defence (beside's its record on every other matter). Add Jack's natural political inclinations as being a little to the right of Ghengis Khan's and your curiosity should thus be satisfied.

    Perhaps you would be better off applying your curiosity elsewhere rather than on this one. Off Topic, but personally I find my curiosity often makes me wonder how the dickens all of those selected, for both BRNC and RALEIGH, who were never members of RR ever manage to get accepted to either establishment all on their very own.... 8O
  8. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Interesting. I would have thought that postal voting should be a reasonable option for most people attending a training establishment in UK. I expect your advice refers to the voter's inevitable change of address after completing their training.

    Agreed, going for a proxy vote will mean that ballot papers will be sent to the nominated proxy for the next five years after the date of registration, unless the voter changes the arrangement later.

    Proxy voting is fine for many voters, but not for everyone. I wouldnt want to put anyone off voting by post if they are in UK. For those overseas or at sea, the advice remains to consider voting by proxy if at all possible.

    Special arrangements have been made this year for those voting in Afghanistan.

    MOD: 'Service personnel encouraged to exercise their right to vote '
  9. I'm voting for the Monarchy to take over.. I want HMQ running the show, with Phil the Greek as the foreign minister.

    Gotta be better than that one-eyed Scottish git we have at the moment.. :)
  10. Gordon Brown has just made a statement to the effect that the Labour party are the party for democracy.
    this from the party who denied us a referndum on the EU constitution and elevated Mandelbum to the Lords then giving this unelected man a position as a Minister. :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
  11. I am going to get VERY bored of the man/woman with the billboard in College Green who insists on waving it behind the cameras.

    I'm all for free speech, but there's free speech and being an annoying twonk.
  12. That's okay; Brown wasn't elected PM either..
  13. No but he was elected to parliament ny his constituency of morons. :oops:
  14. Neither was Blair. We don't vote for the PM in this country.
  15. Only a few hours into the campaign and I'm hacked off with it already.

    I think I'll hibernate for a month
  16. But Slim the EU constitution doesn't exist it is just aniother treaty to strteamline descisionmaking, do pay attention. And considering the ammount of fiddling going on Gordon needed an expert at his right hand to help him maximise his benefits inthe last few months he will have.

    I at least will have the pleasure of choosing not to vbote for Gordon.
  17. As one of his constituents I resemble that remark.
  18. Unfortunately Maxi you are one of the few in his constituency who do not follow the crowd.
    I have always maintained that in some constituencies (Blair in Sedgefield is an instance) the Labour party could field a monkey as a candidate and it would win. :oops:
    Similarly put the monkeys brother in Wokingham with a conservative ribbon on it and yet another win would be seen :roll:
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Why not emigrate instead, then you can get a decent quality of life too! :twisted:

    On the down-side, the value of your pound won't buy much overseas anymore, the HMRC will keep their claws in you for at least three years, and any destination country will have politicians too :(

    On balance, I think the fundamental problem is that whoever you vote for, whereever in the world, its the politicians that keep getting elected.
  20. I thought they already had, in Wokingham that is.

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