General Deplores State of Military Housing/Barracks.


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Another serving General has spoken out about the neglect of the military. Just ran on BBC News 24.

BBC News

Some RN shore accom is a bit tatty and tired (thirty + year old furniture) and not somewhere you'd want to spend a night in let alone a weekend but is anywhere really grim today?
Methinks there seems to be a planned offensive from the Army to point out that cutting the budget and increasing the committment doesn't work.


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From what I have seen, over several years of Joint jobs, is that the Army accommodation is much worse than the RN's. Admittedly some of ours is not good but its like a hotel to what the Pongos have to put up with. They have had years and years of under (or even no) investment and are now suffering accordingly. At least this move by the General might embarrass Defence Estates into doing something and speeding up the improvement programme.
Years ago, before it all went tri-service, we lived in Tamerton Foliot and every now and then we used to get this Army MQ newspaper type thing sent to us. Why? I don't know, maybe the previous occupiers asked for it or were Army.
The point being, I used to get it in the neck from the missus EVERY time we got one of those things because it was FULL of refurbishments going on in Army MQ's.
So as far as MQ's are concerned, don't tell me that the money hasn't/wasn't spent, because it was, they looked brand new compared to what we were given the option of.
Now its gone tri-service the money doesn't exist any more. ALL MOD estates (MQ Estates) are now owned by Annington Homes and have been for a few years now, with MOD renting estates back for MQ use, however, Annington Homes only have to give notice (how long i'm not sure) to MOD to vacate an ENTIRE estate and we all have to move (again!) so that they can sell these ex-married quarters off at a VAST profit.
Each house was sold as a "unit" to Annington, at a charge of £5000 EACH UNIT REGARDLESS OF TYPE OR SIZE. (I know this because my sister-in-law worked at the solicitors in London that did the deal as a Legal Sec) so when they sell houses "Starting at £100k", they are making a minimum £95k markup.
When Tamerton was sold to the public a few years ago, 'er indoors went for a look at the "show home". It still had pussers curtains and light shades up ffs!!
Ahem (cough), excuse the digression there ;)


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I was only talking about barracks/mess accommodation. The only MQs I've lived in (1 Navy, 1 RAF) were both ok.


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If service personnel were criminals in prisons the do gooders would be up in arms that their human rights were being abused!


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I agree entirely Slim. Long gone are the days when military personnel were treated as anything more than second class and an irritating drain on resources. At the very least they could have the balls to stand up and tell us to our faces.

Wouldn't it be nice is there was a quota whereby a certain percentage of politicians had to have a military background or at the very least, those working in the defence ministry.

Perhaps we're missing the hidden strategy in all this. Maybe they're trying to reduce the cost by reducing our funding and increasing our commitment, leading to pissing the boys and girls off so they walk; ergo less people, less cost and the cycle continues.

I can't remember the last time there were cutbacks in the government departments themselves (and I don't mean the kind where they say they're going to do it whilst quietly increasing the number). Still, as long as their jobs and pensions remain safe.

Final point - the news article mentioned the words "Military Covenant". What does that actually mean to any of these people anymore?



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As there are military bases are situated all over the country perhaps the MPs should lose their housing allowance and be made to live in the married quarters of the establishment nearest to their constituency.
How long before said married patch got a makeover?
Wouldn't happen.

Without breaking Opsec, we had HM onboard last year. Normal clean up beforehand as you'd expect, all went well.

In a couple of weeks we've got Bliar onboard.
His whole route is being carpeted.