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General Appeal

My guess is that our new undercover SIB oppo rather hopes this thread will fade away.

Sadly there's always some hoop who will keep remembering the Alamo...

Your a bad man ninja. You do realise your now on the 'SIB TOP TEN MOST WANTED' (The STTMW). He's probably throwing darts at your mug shot as I type. Apparently his best friend forever (BFF) Mutley is hot on your trail after sniffing one of your underpants you left behind at the last RR bash. Just as well your in date for the RNFT.
Should be able to spot the RN SIB in Afghan, he'll be the one in the cheap shiny suit!

Oh wait - all the 'civilised' Terrys wear those, he'll fit in nicely and his grammar/spelling are about their standard too.
Fuckin hell SIB?
We had two of them come on the Aurora in '68 looking to see who pinched the Teleprinter scrambler card (bid card).
They went ashore in Bahrain and couldn't find the fuckin ship when they came off.
The promotion process is become a reg then get your brain kicked in. **** in Afghan, they couldn't find sand.
I wish I wasn't impeded by politeness, then I could say what I think

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