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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by the_matelot, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    It has been brought to my attention that current day matelots are reluctant to post on RR due to the amount of retired navy posting their dits. It has been said that it's getting very tiresome, dull and boring. And I agree. To be honest, I couldn't care less about Ganges et al as I am a firm believer in progress. The purpose of my rant is pretty straightforward. This forum is the Fleet. I intrepret this as the modern day Fleet. I do not want to read about some dull cnut ditting on about 'in his day'. Some of you may not like my comments. I couldn't give a fcuk. P1ss off if you don't like it. I think this website has the potential to do as well as ARRSE but is being held back by people, who frankly, should stay in the RBL Club.
  2. Lads and ladettes, in consideration to the above please post the old day dits here or in the Qtr deck.
  3. What modern day fleet might that be then ?????????.I personally do not give a toss about your i am sure others do not and if you dont like what the older end have to say (i am not old either).Either dont read them or strike off
  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    Like I said, this forum is the Fleet-as in the Modern Fleet. Day to day goings on in the modern RN are welcome in here. Someone droning on about 'in his day' is not. Simple as that. If you don't like it, then go away. You won't be missed that's for sure. What I say may not be to your liking but it is the general consensus amongst the modern navy and some of the moderators on this website.
  5. Have heard the same sentiments as the_matelot ...

    To be quite honest I was a bit put off at first for this reason too, I thought I would be told to fcuk off - fortunately this has not happened (not yet anyway).
  6. Brain into gear :wink:

    The Fleet is more of a 'how to' or 'can you please tell me' type of forum. It is off putting when people come along and make duplicate threads of the same subject, therefore the CO's placed a nice little forum in the History section. If you want to spin a dit go to the Qtr deck or Lil's Lesbryan. You may not give a flying feck what we say but others do and on that note, don't like it, spin and spin fella :wink:
  7. Ooooooooooooo,Jenny i just love it when you get all disciplinarian!!!!

    (p.s. why not rename the forum to Todays Fleet?)just a thought.
  8. If you look back at myfew postings you will find that i dont spin dits 90% of them are downright lies in anycase.I did get tangled up in the coulor of certain bouldings once but left it alone after a while.The referance to the fleet was size in relation to numbers of ships and men/women and not the quality or commitment of aforesaid.I thought these sights were for opinions and a bit of fun if you if you didnt like what i said well what can i say STRIKE ME OFF
  9. The very nature of these forums makes one conversation merge into another, this is almost unavoidable like in a normal conversation. Nearly all threads wander off. Personaly I don't believe that shit about younger matelots not wanting to post.
    As for your attitude as a mod, that sucks mate, don't bother replying to this though. Tool !
  10. You never know your luck.

  11. We had this conversation a little while ago and there was a lot of heated discussion about parking the old farts of somewhere they wouldnt offend the young uns. As I see it there is little to stop the young uns either joining in or starting their own threads if they so wish. One of the problems I fear is that we are becoming a society of voyeurs rather than doers, and that by it's very nature this type of site does not give the instant gratification that a playstation does.

    I for one would welcome more posting on current topics as I, as I suspect would most of the old farts, would find it interesting.

    There thats my 2d worth.

  12. So, "current day matelots are reluctant etc etc etc"

    What a load of round objects - if they were real matelots, they'd give their dits and stories too, and would surely have posted their 'concerns' on the appropriate forum regardless of all the old tars, wouldn't they ?

    The modern Navy was grown from the old Navy (as was the old navy grown from the even older Navy that my father served in) by what we all learned, experienced and went through, so there should be some leeway given here, I would have thought :?:

    As for the so called 'Moderator' comments - doesn't sound much like moderation to me. Maybe you should find another vocation, hmmm? :p
  13. PS

    I read Arrse, as well as the nmbva regularly, and get some humour and enjoyment from those sites - they don't seem to have this problem !?
  14. Yes whitemouse i aggree.i did not comment on the abuse given to me.because thats the modern society for you ||||
  15. It appears to me that young uns are now using these sites,maybe not this one,is that the moderators problem?no one using HIS site as he wishes? whose to say how old anyone is,we have a newbies site ,they go from there to others,the membership is growing is it not?
  16. Hasn't all this been said before ? Why do we bother to even come here on a daily basis.

    As an old un now working in industry (Ina quite high position I might add) MAybe....just day the current young uns will exit the service and need a job. As one who has much influence in that you really want to see me leave.

    I have enjoyed my time in here, and have "met" some really nice people both older and younger. I still feel I have a lot to offer in here, I rarely spin dits leaving that for the young uns (although they appear to have lost that talent) and enjoy reading about what is going on in the modern navy. Here I arrived today expecting to see a forum on the Lebanon and the apparent involvement of at least 6 major units of the RN. But what do I find,..... some youngster whingeing on about us oldies.

    Well if we are that fcuing bad...ban us all....but at least we start threads on current affairs and issues in the world outside of your little shetered barrack room.

    Sorry but I take exception....I have never suffered fools gladly (ask anyone who know me) .......bloddy young whipper snappers don't have a clue !

    End of rant
  17. I like your way with words Chief Tiff, being dabtoe sludgemariner, I do not have that education so it's more like a "Feck Off SON"

  18. Now now Nutty, don't be so rude to the nice man.

  19. Peter

    Some thing about glass houses and stones springs to mind

  20. As a lurker around the site for some time, I have not posted much because I don't really feel I have the right to. I am here by default, my husband served, my son is going to Raleigh in October. I came to this site to try and do some research as to what he could expect at Raleigh and have been able to help with some questions about the recruitment process etc. As for the rest, I haven't felt able to comment because I guess I feel I probably shouldn't be here. However, I enjoy reading the comments, from the young and old alike, and it's been a step back in time to when my husband was in the mob - wish we'd had the internet then! To be honest the most off putting thing I have read on this site so far, is the post from this moderator. My bet is that if all the "old salts" stopped posting then this would be a very quiet forum indeed.

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