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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bikerman, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I had lost my old phone, but now have a new one. I am looking for a link for a mp3 file for the General and chemical alarm ring tone. I have searched RR for the old links but they are all out of date just like me ..SHUT IT ..

    Any help will be appreciated

    cheers Dusty

    (I have put this here because the Gash barge doesn't get posted on the front end)

    cheers again
  2. Are those not USN? Perhaps it's an international standard though, I don't know.

    If anybody knows the spec of the alarm (frequency, duration and interval) I could probably knock something up over the weekend.
  3. How does that work then?
    I'm failing miserably, but maybe it's not my fault as all I get is "error 404"
  4. Failed for me too. A search of the site has drawn a blank too.

    This has been tried before by members of RR trying to get this sound for their phones and failed dismally.

    Personally you are all sad .... and if you do find a copy .... err .... can you let me know from where .....cough .....
  5. No, it's not "simpuls".
    I just get a not very good screen of the entire MOD RN website.
  6. Use the link I posted. Double click to open the page, click download. Should work.
  7. Works for me. You do have to click "save file" and open it with an MP3 compatible programme.
  8. Listen carefully RIGHT CLICK on link and save as then play said saved file. :wink:
  9. YOU listen carefully!


    That link is not a valid shortened link, get the full link and paste it in properly, then we'll see if it works!
  10. Now, now, Lonestar ,behave yourself.

    You'll learn eventually, but YOU DO NOT SHOUT AT SOMEONE TRYING TO DO YOU A FAVOUR!

  11. He's not doing me a favour, I don't even want the file, but it doesn't work, just saying!
  12. So why inflict yourself upon us?
  13. that didnt work
  14. That doesn't work either, don't shorten the link, go to the page and copy the whole link in it's entirety..... so that it doesn't have the '...' in the middle

    then paste it

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