General Alarm - Ringtone

I downloaded a General Alarm ringtone from somewhere back in the dim and distant but can't find it now. Call the hands too. Anyone know where I can find it?

I've looked at 'cos I thought thats where I found it last time, but it isn't there =(
have just spent the last hour at teh Royal Navy webpage - games playing the games - RAID and COMMANDO - wicked, i feel like a real booty, i even played it naked to blend in, however the rest of my oppos are a bit disturbed, the AEO is also a bit pertubed to say the least
I have loads of them , "Sunset , as text alert" , "Officers call" , "Defaulters" , "Last Post" , "Mail is now ready for collection" , "Revielle" , "Alert" , Etc , all brilliant & blue-toothed from a mate of mine , wouldn't have a bloody clue how to do it another way , love it when Sunset goes off though as i have it on the loudest setting & everyone now recognised it now ,
silverfox said:
Thanks for that link silverfox - I found it yesterday but the download link is dead sadly.

I was unable to bluetooth the file for some reason - it was stored as a browser message on my phone and that seemed to prevent it. And being a complete gadget whizz, I've somehow gone and deleted the f*cker now :x

sgtpepperband said:
This thread is soooo sad... 8O :roll:
Nonsense. This is deadly serious stuff. Has anyone else got the unofficial 'helm order' software for Tom Tom satnav yet? "One cable to wheel over to a new course of 090. Standby..., standby...., now! Wheel over to a new course of 090. Check clear starboard. Starboard 15".

Well this lifelong civvy has the General Alarm as a ringtone on his mobile..... it's just great to see people's faces on the train when it goes off at full volume!

Right, will someone now release me from this straight-jacket, before it straightens me out....... :biggrin:
Been away so only just come back to this - my work PC regards those links as PORNO-FILTH so I'll have a little peak when I get home.

Many thanks.
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