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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, May 15, 2008.

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  1. There are lots of gender stereotypes expressed on this site. I thought it's timer for another survey to ascertain the veracity of the claim that women like shopping and men like footie.

  2. I have to choose shopping, I can't stand football!

    However, given cricket, rugby, motor racing, snooker, boxing, (female) wrestling and just about any other sport, I would choose that over shopping!
  3. i went for the creche assuming there is beer on tap .
    i would rather chew tin foil than go shopping
  4. Now I had a theory that if all these department stores had a bar installed with one of those hulking great TV's they hang on the wall of pubs there wouldn't be any problem. Walking around the shops with my missis while she tries on everything in sight asking "does my bum look big in this" does wear a bit thin - gotta go with the crechei dea!
  5. yea i do believe that blokes are better shoppers - stroll into a shop and ill have 1 of them , 1 of them , oh and 3 of them , heres your money have a nice day im off to the boozer.

    women just fanny around for hours on end then come home with 1 item of which they dont like!

    Im all for the store creche
  6. First time I went shopping with the Missus after 5hrs she asked if there was a shop I wanted to go to, so I took her to a tool shop :dwarf:

    She started moaning after about 10mins. Now its 1 1/2 hrs only although it may be longer if theres drinks involved :thumright:
  7. drinks MUST be involved and i must have it in writing before i consider going shopping with her
  8. Football will always beat shopping.

    Get them to use the internet then they haven't had to get too far from the kitchen sink!!


    :nemo: :thumright:
  9. better hope the girlies dont see this supermario lol

  10. I really hate shopping with the wife. She buys that much crap its unbeleavable. I have now resigned to sit in the car and sleep. :thumright:
  11. Shopping every time,football is over rated,over paid and over exposed.

    Bunch of nancy boys running around in their knickers kicking a bag of wind for 90 mins.

    I dont like football.
  12. I suppose a lot depends on what sort of shopping it is.
    The weekly trip to the supermarket is just another chore.

    I am not a big sports fan but if England are playing football or rugby that has to take precedence.

    However I do enjoy shopping with my wife for clothes or things for the home or garden.
    After all, it can be quality time to share with each other.

    When we are shopping for clothes I often manage to spot something that really suits my wife.
    Does that make me a sad bastard?
  13. Start chatting the other women up whilst she is in the changing rooms, she will soon stop taking you, might even ask if there is any shopping you need to do. :thanks:
  14. You sad bastard. Me too.
  15. I know a lot of women who like football, and some men who like shopping.
    Personally I can't stand either of them, except shopping for food which is one of the few pleasures in life - NOT at the likes of Tesco etc though.

  16. Wot, it must be Short, Skimpy, Tight, See thru, revealing and sexy and gets rejected out of hand.


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