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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sara21, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. As I am sure you all know- once a person has passed their AIB they are entered into a ‘pool’ of other successful applicants and placed in a league table. The top performers are then selected first for entry to BRNC.

    My question is, as a female, are girls and guys put in the same ‘pool’? Are we all measured against each other or is it that there are set quotas to fill for both male and female officers, and not that the best candidates go to BRNC irrespective of gender?



    I guess the question could be extended to all entry levels of the RN, is it that women are positively discriminated against inorder to give them a fighting chance of gaining entry??
  2. That was the answer i was looking for! Cheers. When you say weighting do you mean that a score is given comparative to gender?? surely this must be the case for the Bleep test if nothing else because otherwise a girly would never compete.
  3. Basically, yes. In the same way that the RNFT score reflects your fitness for your age group & gender.

    Your mark for the Bleep Test simply reflects how well you did compared to the average for your gender and age group.

    The better you do, the higher mark you get - it is seen as an indicator of your motivation (especially true for in-service candidates).
  4. ahh it all became crystal clear- must get my tracksuit and plimsolls on ASAP.
    As for the aptitude tests do they have a weighting because it's understood that iq varies with age, especially between 18-26.

    I must add that I am not worried -being the epitome of naval perfection.
  5. The aptitude tests are not weighted for age (with a couple of exceptions you will all be in the same age group), but may have a bearing on your choice of specialisation as letthecat stated.

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